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IMPT Presale Raises Close to $4 Million—Here’s What You Should Expect Ahead

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

IMPT Presale Close to Raising $4 Million
IMPT Presale Close to Raising $4 Million

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A little more than a week has passed since the presale of the Impact Project (IMPT), and it raised close to $4 million. With a current total of over $3.9 million, the decentralized carbon credit and green-shopping network is very close to completing its stage 1 of $10.8 million on November 25.

Since the coin is still available for purchase on the Impact Project website at a price of $0.018, it is entirely conceivable that the presale may achieve its objective far earlier than the date that was originally projected. If you are considering taking part in the sale, you will need to act quickly to secure the lowest price possible before it rises to $0.023 in the second phase and $0.028 in the third and final phase. If you are interested in taking part in the sale, you will want to act quickly.

IMPT Token Presale is The Most Successful Presale Of 2022

The pre-sale for the Impact Project kicked up on October 3 and swiftly gained steam, raising $150,000 in the first 24 hours, $550,000 in the next 48, and $1 million in the next 72, and $2 million in the space of five days. The current total is $3,925,867, with a goal of $4 million in sight.

Participants in IMPT’s presale aren’t just interested in the project because it’s brand new; the project’s potential as the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market is also a factor. Instead, it has established a solid road plan and set of fundamentals in an industry prone to gimmicks and hype.

Customers would be able to make purchases from tens of thousands of different retailers using its network, which is based on Ethereum. At the same time, a percentage of their revenues would be donated to environmental organizations. That’s right! from this point on, everyone can do their part to help the environment while still enjoying some of life’s most fundamental comforts.

In addition as an incentive for consumers to make purchases from environmentally conscious companies, the Impact Project will offer tokenized non-fungible stock (NFT) carbon credits. Credits of this kind can be acquired and liquidated with relative ease through the trading platform provided by the Impact Project. Through this same platform, they can also be retired, which means they are removed from circulation and the holder is given credit for the amount of carbon reduction they represented.

Investors Root for IMPT

The Impact Project will encourage environmentally responsible actions by offering users tokenized carbon credits with a monetary value. At the same time, it will offer incentives to businesses and stores that go green and join its network, allowing them to reach out to customers who care about the environment.

The Impact Project will significantly increase the openness of the carbon offsets market by placing carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. This market has been plagued by a lack of openness for years, but the Impact Project will help alleviate this problem to some extent.

Keeping these factors in mind, ESG investors are likely to be interested in the Impact Project. IMPT is in a strong position to capitalize on the growing ESG sector since the Impact Project is one of the first blockchain-based markets for carbon offsets.

How Much Profit Can You Expect From IMPT?

What to expect from IMPT after it is listed on exchanges may be inferred from the behavior of other large presales this year.

Perhaps most notably, in September of this year, the cryptocurrency Tamadoge (TAMA) garnered $19 million during a presale. Soon after, it launched on OKX, at which point its value increased by more than 1,800% compared to its presale price.

Also, the presale price of Battle Infinity (IBAT) was $0.0015. The price of one token increased to $0.00554060 at one point in August after it had received many listings, providing token purchasers with a 269% return on their initial investment.

The Impact Project has solid foundations, perhaps even better than those of the previous coins, and has a good possibility of listing and reaping similar profits. Also, unlike some other cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives, it has a real shot at really making a beneficial impact on the world.

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