ICONLOOP Partners With South Korean Job Platform for Blockchain-Based Verification

iconloop blockchain

ICONLOOP, the top blockchain company in South Korea, has partnered with SaraminHR, the top job search platform in the country, to provide a blockchain-based way to verify the credentials of candidates, according to a press release from the groups.

This isn’t their first partnership, either, as both groups have signed a decentralized identity ecosystem agreement earlier this year.

Saramin will ensure its corporate clients can find employees without struggle, ensuring that only the best candidates are sent to apply.

The release describes a little bit as to how this works:

“First, the Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention feature enhances the security and transparency of job qualification exams and interview scores. After a candidate takes a job qualification exam and completes interviews, all scores are immediately and permanently recorded on a public blockchain network.”

Speaking on the matter is Kim Jong-hyup, a spokesperson form ICONLOOP, who said:

“I am confident that the values of reliability, transparency, and stability presented by blockchain will have a great impact on the recruitment market. You will be able to feel practical convenience through first-hand experience.”

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