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Huobi Global’s Fast Track 6 Gets Its First Korean Altcoin

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According to new reports from Huobi Global, the company has just chosen the first Korean altcoin to list on its Fast Track 6. The choice fell on the monetization platform for consumer data, known as Carry Protocol.

It is expected that Fast Track 6 Voting Phase will start today, August 7th, at 9 pm (GMT +9). As many are likely aware of, Huobi Global features several markets, including BTC, USDT, and HT markets. The winning project will be listed on all of them as soon as the voting phase is finished, and the winning coin is known. Additional projects will be listed in two days, on August 9th.

Meanwhile, many see this as a great opportunity for Carry Protocol’s token, CRE. Earlier this year, when the token got officially listed on Korea’s Upbit — the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — CRE saw a major price boost that took it up by 2370%. This was also when the coin recorded its highest daily trading volume, exceeding both Bitcoin and Ethereum volumes with ease.

Since then, the Carry token took the spotlight, and the announcements of investments by major investors and corporate partners just kept coming. Before long, the project was considered one of the most anticipated blockchain projects in Korea. Now, with a potential listing on Huobi Global, it is more than likely that the coin will see a similar reaction — and gather even more attention at the same time.

What does Carry Protocol do?

Carry Protocol currently works on product development, meaning that its service can be used by pretty much any consumer, even those who are not tech-savvy and familiar with blockchain technology at all. However, as mentioned, Carry Protocol is not interested in online crypto trading, as much as gathering consumers’ purchase data and compensating them with CRE.

Further, they also aim to incentivize consumers to watch ads, rewarding them when they do so. This is a great way for consumers to monetize their data instead of just giving it away for free. At the same time, it is an excellent way for the companies to establish a connection with consumers, and deliver more relevant targeted ads.

Now, according to estimates, the offline retail market is as many as 9 times larger than the online retail market. Even so, data is not easy to collect and analyze in either instance. This is why Carry aims to create visibility over consumers’ offline purchase habits as well, and note different patterns, capture the data regarding the value of offline purchases, and more. This is where CRE is truly going to help them out.

At this point, it is easy to understand why Carry’s goal of revolutionizing the way offline data and ads work. However, that also means that Carry had to work hard to build its ecosystem, which is why it partnered with some of the top-tier companies, including Spoqa, whose Dodo Point loyalty service is used by 20 million users.

Carry Protocol’s CEO, Richard Choi, commented on the new development, saying that the company is quite excited to work with Huobi Global, but also to spread awareness of Carry’s goals and mission, as well as problems that it aims to solve.

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