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Here’s Why Ethereum Price May Surge to $1,300 — But C+Charge is a More Profitable Alternative

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ethereum Price May Reach Near $1.3k
Ethereum Price May Reach Near $1.3k

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After crashing in November due to the collapse of FTX, formerly among the biggest and quickest crypto exchanges in the world, cryptocurrency markets are still trying to find their footing.

Ethereum’s native coin, Ether, had recovered to above $1,700 just before the FTX story began to unravel, but it has since fallen precipitously. As of writing this article, the Ethereum price is about $1,215, and it has stayed more or less at the same level for the past several days. The token has been unable to recover its losses and break back over $1,300.

Experts are uncertain about the long-term repercussions of FTX’s implosion, but the recent run of bankruptcies raises the possibility that the current crypto bear market, commonly known as “crypto winter,” may go longer than expected. However, analysts agree that the current market turmoil is likely exacerbating the cryptocurrency price declines we’ve seen so far this year.

Until now, analysts have blamed rising inflation, fluctuating U.S. monetary policy, widespread adoption, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine for the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Government officials have also shown persistent interest in the prospect of more crypto regulation and perhaps the creation of a government-issued digital currency.

The first three quarters of 2022 were a challenging time for Ethereum’s price as a result of all this.

Since reaching a high of $4,100 in December of 2017, the price of Ethereum has been progressively declining, fluctuating between $900 and $3,800 throughout 2018. Despite the recent drop, many analysts remain optimistic, saying Ethereum’s price might reach or even surpass $12,000 by the end of the year. 

Experts’ Advice on Ethereum for Investor 

Experts recommend looking past the short-term fluctuations while making a long-term investment. Ethereum’s volatility persists despite the recent price surge. 

If you already hold these currencies, the key question is whether or not their value will continue to rise at an exponential rate. According to Jeremy Schnieder, the financial guru behind Personal Finance Club, the fundamentals are very weak to support this.

Avoid investing upwards of 5% of your wealth in cryptocurrencies since there is no certainty that any crypto’s value will improve. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t invest any amount which is repaying high-interest debt or saving for retirement in crypto.

If you’ve already accomplished all of those goals, then you should disregard the fanfare around new record highs and lows. Humphrey Yang, the host of the personal finance podcast Humphrey Talks, advises his listeners to “set it and forget it,” as is the case with traditional, long-term investment.

Should Investors Worry? 

Ethereum’s price may begin a new slump if it is unable to break through the $1,200 barrier area. On the low side, the area around $1,195 is quick to support. The area around $1,165 is the next important support level. Primary support is about $1,150.

If $1,150 is broken, with closing below it, the next support level might be around $1,050. If the price drops below $1,050 again, it might slump below the $1,000 area 

The price of ether is now stabilizing around a pivotal level of $1,200. If ETH can break over the $1,220 and $1,250 resistance levels, a push for the $1,300 barrier is possible. On the other hand, the price might start a new slide in the next sessions and test the $1,150 support level again.

Why C+Charge Is Considered A More Profitable Alternative? 

Carbon credits are made available to EV drivers through C+Charge, which is a peer-to-peer payment system that also helps to expand the infrastructure of charging stations. The CCHG cryptocurrency issued by C+Charge is focused on practicality and making use of distributed ledger technology in a real-world setting.

There will be a total of four price increases, from the current $0.01300 per token to a final price of $0.02350 per token. A total of 400 million tokens are available for purchase during the presale stage.

C+Charge is looking for long-term investors to help finance the implementation of a profitable use case that will have positive effects on the planet. In addition, the deflationary price-supportive mechanism is established when CCHG tokens are removed from circulation while paying to charge an electric vehicle.  

What Makes C+Charge Unique? 

Several methods of monetary valuation compete with one another. C+Charge replaces them with a single, unified payment system that can be accessed by anybody and does not necessitate the installation of costly Point of Sale (PoS) hardware; instead, EV vehicle drivers utilize the CCHG token to make purchases.

In addition to CCHG, every time an EV owner charges, they will also receive carbon credits in the form of the Goodness Native Token (GNT), thanks to a strategic partnership with Flowcarbon. 

The GNT token stands in for a certified voluntary carbon credit and is supported by Samsung Next, and Invesco, among other companies.

C+Charge Is a Boon for both Charging Station Networks and EV Drivers

Not only can blockchain technology make station management cheaper by eliminating the need for costly PoS, but it can also communicate trustworthy real-time data on the health of each station and do diagnostic checks. That makes C+Charge a crucial tool for organizations that operate charging systems.

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers may use this to keep tabs on the location and functionality of charging stations in their area. Since the system is built on the blockchain technology, all an EV driver needs is access to an internet connection and the C+Charge app in order to interact with the system without any friction.

Major Corporations Are Quickly Partnering With C+Charge

Perfect Solutions Turkey is the first overseas partner for the blockchain-powered EV charging initiative, expanding C+Charge’s reach to include 20% of the EV chargers in that country.

Ryan Fishoff, CEO of the publicly traded company American Wealth Mining Corporation, which deals in cryptocurrency, retail, wellness, environment-friendly investments, FinTech, nutrition, and financial education, is one of the co-founders of C+Charge.

Fishoff serves as C+Charge’s chief strategic adviser. 360° Crypto Economy has invested $250,000 due to the company’s highly experienced workforce and robust business concept. Venture capitalists are moving quickly to invest in the electric-powered, carbon-neutral EV future, making it one of the most profitable investments you can make to help you sail smoothly in 2023.

Visit to participate in the presale.

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