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Here’s Why Bitcoin Price May Pump to $20,000 — But C+Charge is a More Profitable Alternative

Bitcoin Price May Pump
Bitcoin Price May Pump

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Since the Bitcoin price may drop below $15,000 in the following week, triggering a negative market. Can bitcoin hit the $20,000 mark? Read on to find out. has been below $20,000 for almost a month, the volatility seems to have bottomed out. And while volume has been steady at respectable levels, it hasn’t been enough to increase asset volatility. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price may even surpass its previous highs if the recent upswing ends badly in the coming days. 

Death Cross Formation Developing On Price Chart

On CoinMarketCap’s weekly chart, the BTC price is showing signs of creating a Death Cross, with the 200-day moving average (MA) potentially crossing below the 50-day MA. As the first Death Cross on a weekly chart since Bitcoin’s foundation, it might occur in early 2023.

There are only a few weeks left until this historic death cross, and the BTC price must increase its volatility to counteract its effects. The price needs to go up and down rapidly, and it may find a temporary low around the $7000 to $8000 range.

But the price itself, in the midst of the recent slide, has broken down from the lower trend line, indicating a severe bearish trend. The trade setup is totally in favor of bears, so even if there is a bullish intervention, the price could not obtain the necessary boosts. The increased volume also indicates the strong participation of bulls and bears, which has kept the BTC price capped below key resistance levels.

What Will Happen To Bitcoins’ Price At The End Of This Year?

As investors stock up for a probable rally over the holidays and into the New Year, the Bitcoin price is bracing for resistance at $17,000. When you take a look at Bitcoin’s price chart on CoinMarketCap, you can see that the initial trend line presents resistance. In light of the daily chart’s bullish green candle, it’s probable that Bitcoin’s price will end the day over $17,000.

Furthermore, one of the most important cryptocurrencies has broken over the same trend line several times, suggesting that it is not an indestructible ceiling that cannot be breached. Bitcoin buyers and long-term investors can take advantage of a price move that clearly breaks out above the $17,000 mark. The 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicates a possible breakeven point of $17,474 in this case.

If you check the On-Balance-Volume (OBV) of Bitcoin, you will see that it is rising, providing further evidence of the cryptocurrency’s current trend. Potentially bolstering investor confidence is a rise in the total market capitalization. The OBV is a useful tool for trend verification since it tracks the volume of Bitcoin trades.

A daily closing of more than $17,000 is necessary to keep investors interested, too. Markets for cryptocurrencies are still highly volatile, so be wary of any signs that the current trend is waning, since this might trigger another sell-off.

In order for the Bitcoin price to remain constant, buyers need to go beyond $18,658. More evidence of the uptrend will be available once the price goes beyond the $18,000 mark on the daily time frame chart.

One of the most prominent crypto analysts and traders, AltcoinSherpa, has predicted that the present market conditions will not result in a Bitcoin spike. But he believes that Bitcoin’s prominence will grow over time compared to other digital currencies. He told his 187,000 followers that a change like that would mean Bitcoin’s price was nearing rock bottom.

Whales Heavily Buy the Dip

Keeping in mind the recent price decline, major Bitcoin holders, or “whales”, have been buying up the cryptocurrency in enormous quantities. Santiment’s on-chain data reveals an increase from almost $13700, addresses holding 100–1,000 coins.

Bitcoin price has been under pressure from whales holding 1,000 to 10,000 coins since June, but the data indicates that these investors may be changing their minds. Because of this, a rise in Bitcoin use might spark a positive momentum that would lead to a price recovery over the $17,000 price point and even has the capability of hitting the $20,000 mark.

 C+Charge Crypto Promises Better Returns 

Markets for cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, making it impossible to forecast future prices. However, there is a good probability Bitcoin could reward patient investors with a big Christmas surge. Meanwhile, investors may want to look into the presales of a few other cryptocurrencies that have solid bases. C+Charge is one such token that has the potential to provide 10x returns in 2023 because it is a high-utility project.

The electric car market is constantly evolving and improving. However, the sector faces significant challenges, including opaque pricing, a lack of charging stations, and inadequate real-time data.

New top-tier crypto C+Charge leverages blockchain technology to address these issues, allowing electric vehicles and independent charging stations to interact. For those who drive electric vehicles, C+Charge provides a convenient way to locate charging stations and a straightforward method of making payments. 

The C+Charge app only accepts CCHG coins as payment for recharging an electric vehicle. C+Charge has begun its presale of CCHG coins. C+Charge is already in its first stage of presale and has already raised over $5,000. The price of one CCHG token is 0.013 USDT. There are several stages to the presale, and the cost of tokens increases with each one. The timing has never been better to invest in this token before you miss a lucrative opportunity to help you sail smoothly through 2023. 

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