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Google seems excited about the Merge as it now shows a timer

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As a gesture of solidarity for the awaited Ethereum Merge, digital behemoth Google has added a new timestamp to its website.

When you type “The Merge” or “Ethereum Merge” through the search site, you’ll see a countdown readout with the approximate time remaining until the Merge according to the current complexity, hash frequency, and merge struggles. Off to the edge is an animated version of two joyful panda bears running toward one another with their hands fully extended, supposedly inching closer as this Merge date approaches.

Inside a September 9 Twitter post, Google Cloud programmer Sam Padilla retorted that the countdown was a playful tiny surprise or a method of expressing their gratitude for such years of effort that went into this.

He stated that the job was accomplished by Google’s lookup and labs teams. Still, he added that he assisted in jumpstarting the concept and conversation that resulted in this timer’s implementation.

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Padilla clarified in that same thread that the countdown is connected directly to the public ledger, which updates the timer in real-time, and that the original data is yanked right from the public ledger via a few of the endpoints they operate. He also implied that pandas are getting ever closer as this Merge time approaches, but he appears to have done so in jest, saying that users didn’t hear all this from him.

Google is getting more into crypto

Google is getting more engaged in the cryptocurrency world, instituting a Web3 group in Google Cloud on the 6th of May. Nevertheless, Google developers aren’t the only individuals keeping a close eye on this Merge. According to recent Google lookup data, lookups for the phrase Ethereum Merge produced a rating above 50 a few times within the last month, peaking at 100 on September 3rd.

A score of 100 indicates the phrase’s height of trending, while worth of 50 indicates the phrase is half as famous. A rating of 0 indicates there was insufficient information for that particular day.

In the meantime, according to the latest CoinGecko study, Singapore is the nation most intrigued in the eventual Ethereum Merge, with Canada and Switzerland coming right after, and then the Netherlands, the US, and Germany.

The total ranking was determined by examining the regularity of ten key phrases, such as Ethereum PoW, ETH Merge, and Ethereum Merge, and then merging them.

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