Gemini Crypto Exchange gets the vote of approval after CBS feature on Bitcoin

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Gemini Crypto Exchange gets the vote of approval after CBS feature on Bitcoin
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Based in New York, CBS gave extensive airtime and exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto assets as they featured the best digital crypto exchanges on their Sunday morning show. CBS hosted the Winklevoss Twins on the show as they shared views on the crypto exchange and also the extent of their involvement.

The Gemini app offers a safe and reliable way to create and build your crypto portfolio and at the same time making buying, selling, and storing crypto, extremely simple. This app is the invention of the Winklevoss twins and their exposure on air, saw BTC increase in value to past $9,000.

CBS discusses Bitcoin

In a Father’s Day broadcast, an eight-minute time slot was granted to discuss Bitcoin in detail. Joining Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss on the show was the author of “Bitcoin Billionaires”, Ben Mezrich. As host of the show shared with the viewers the participation of the twins, commonly known as “Winklevi” in two crucial social and digital platforms, namely Facebook and Bitcoin.

In an attempt to simplify the notion of Bitcoin, CBS described Bitcoin as ‘money that works like email’. The twins did not fail to point out that Bitcoin is strong enough and has the prospect of capping and surpassing gold.

Another topic under discussion in the interview was the possibility of Facebook venturing into the world of cryptocurrency. It was not determined what the viewership was for this segment of the conversation, but it was highly likely to be in the region of single-digit millions.

Opinions on the report

While the interview was not without its critics, many saw it as extremely fair to all parties. One of America’s most vociferous supporters of Bitcoin, also know as HODL (hold on for dear life) in the cryptocurrency community expressed concerns that the image projected by CBS was that Bitcoin is unstable and not easily understood and that they seemed to show preference to instilling FUD – an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

HODL went on to spell out that while not everyone has an understanding of the crypto exchange, many do grasp the concept.

Result of the CBS show

Following this very detailed report, and Bitcoin increasing in value to surge past $8,800 and then $9,200 immediately after that, Gemini, a controlled crypto exchange, has seen a massive increase in attentiveness from the people in America. Cameron Winklevoss is keeping a close eye on the Gemini application as it nears the top twenty financial apps on the Apple App Store.

Topping the list of financial application in the App Store is Bitcoin-friendly Square Cash with both Blockchain and Coinbase featuring highly in searches.

The CBS segment on Cryptocurrency by renowned television presenter Anderson Cooper has set the tone for future exposure for crypto on popular platforms such as television. In researching the data for the show, Anderson Cooper met with Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard, MIT MediaLag’s Digital Currency Initiative Neha Narula, cryptocurrency tycoon Marco Streng, head of Genesis Mining, the “Bitcoin pizza guy’, and founder of BitInstant and associate of the Winklevoss Twins, Charlie Shrem. In these meetings, Cooper gained an increased knowledge of how the crypto world operates.

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