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From Fitness to Finance: This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Revolutionizing the Industry – Time to Buy? (FGHT)

Fight Out plat to earn
Fight Out plat to earn

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New move-to-earn (M2E) crypto Fight Out (FGHT) is revolutionizing the industry from fitness to finance. The high hopes for Fight Out started in 2022 when it started headlining the Web3 discussions. This came as many projects aimed to integrate reward systems into fitness training, including STEPN.

The project has since changed the narrative for a sector that had been struggling to gain initial traction. It has broken down the limitations imposed by unsustainable economic models, expensive entry barriers, and one-dimensional projects. Fight Out was built atop the premise that M2E does not need such limitations.

Moreover, at the heart of the project is to develop an accessible platform for gamifying fitness. It has a parallel ability to help users advance healthwise and financially. To this end, it employs a user-focused platform structured to accompany users on a journey to elite fighter fitness.

The project also takes pride in its rich ecosystem, where participants endure different complexities of challenges, including but not limited to stat training, sports betting, and many other in-person benefits.

The project has raised over $5.43 million in the presale stage, set to end on March 31. With such astonishing milestones despite being in its nascent stages, the platform is on course to become the biggest Web3 launch in 2023.

Fight Out How It Works

A blockchain-supported application in Fight Out’s working mechanism monitors and rewards participants’ progress. The app evaluates innovative metrics the user’s phone’s in-built inertial measurement unit (IMU) records.

Regarding IMU use, it has emulated the working mechanism of STEPN as the inertial measurement unit serves in both cases to track user activity. However, there is a major upgrade on the Fight Out network such that while STEPN uses a one-dimension pedometer monitoring, Fight Out uses a multi-dimensional system capable of tracking and rewarding multiple workouts.

Fight Out’s IMU tracks metrics ranging from the time the user spends mastering their boxing skills on the heavy bag to the time they spend in the BJJ dojo. Additionally, the app keeps track of their weightlifting activities in the gym. After keeping track of individual participants’ progress, the application automatically levels up the athlete’s in-app statistics in real-time while rewarding them in $REPS tokens. Notably, REPS are similar to STEPN and GST tokens.

The stats of participants are a live representation of their progress toward becoming elite-level fighters. Accordingly, it transitions into a secondary play-2-earn (P2E) ecosystem sitting atop the move-to-earn technology for purposes of gamifying the fitness regime of a user.

Furthermore, the project puts participants one-on-one on high-octane workout challenges, competitions, and mini-games, all offering high-stakes $FGHT rewards.

As a player, you compete against fellow users with your ‘Soulbound’ non-fungible token (NFT) avatar. Soulbound, in this regard, defines that the NFT cannot be resold and will be the permanent reflection of your progress. The NFT avatars are achieved after a keen character creation and customization process, making them become the digital embodiment of a player’s hard work and progress.

Fight Out Unlocks A Fitness Revolution With Training Gamification

Fight Out’s approach presents a notable paradigm shift from what traditional M2E sectors offer. Users can hit the ground running with as little as the Soulbound avatar, which is different from other platforms that demand you mint sneakers with up to $2,000 and start-up costs. Unlike the rest of them, FGHT gives you rewards based on your achievements and not the size of your wallet.

For individual achievements, users get rewards in the form of $REPS tokens, which can then be redeemed for the platform’s native $FGHT tokens. The tokens can then be accumulated, traded for other tokens, or spent to purchase different goods and services on the application. These could include stylish NFT goods from within the Fight out the marketplace.

The project’s gamification of training activities is poised to birth a fitness revolution for a generation where inactivity is the order of the day. The project uses psychological motivation to keep players focused on their training regime. In developing a community ecosystem, the ecosystem skillfully develops a social avenue that takes the central position in high-stakes tournaments with $REPS as the prize.

Additional Opportunities For Earning

The FGHT team has also unveiled a referral program where participants are only expected to share their promo link. Whenever another player signs up with this link, the link owner gets a 5% commission.

To join the affiliate program, users must navigate to the FGHT homepage, link to a valid cryptocurrency wallet, and then hit the 5% referral link button. A unique referral link is generated, which should then be shared with your friends or family.

The Countdown To The End Of The Presale Continues

The countdown to the end of the Fight Out presale continues, with roughly 18 days left to March 31. In this last run-up, the price of the FGHT token will increase every seven days (next raise to $0.0309 USDT).

Notably, the token will be listed on centralized exchanges once the presale is over, a transition that will see early investors start bagging profits. Notably, seven CEXs have already lined up for this token, with the listing set to begin in April. They include LBank,, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

While the $FGHT is currently auctioning for $0.02850, the exchange listing price is expected to be $0.0333.

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FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out