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Euroswap EDEX: last opportunity to participate in TokenSale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The team of the first European crypto exchange Euroswap EDEX in the closed groups of the project community announced the end of the TokenSale phase. The project has decided on the exchange where the first listing of EDEX token will take place. This means that the doors to the European crypto asset’s low prices are closing and this is the last opportunity to purchase EDEX at a special price.

The need for EDEX technology for Europeans

The European Union has already approved an investment package that concentrates more than 750 million euros for the development of digital financial technology in the region. That is, in the coming years, about a billion euros will be spent on the implementation of crypto instruments in the Eurozone. 

In total, the turnover of crypto assets in Europe amounted to more than 1 trillion euros in the last year. To broadly understand the situation, this is about 25% of the total global turnover, and 50% of this turnover was exactly DeFi’s investment and asset trading. If a year ago DeFi seemed something new, slippery and fantastic, today this technology is ready to replace traditional rusty instruments at the highest levels.

From archaic banking structures to everyday shopping to paying for the next Netflix subscription, it will all move to new, more flexible Web3.0 technology platforms tomorrow. And observing the trend of instant growth in demand for crypto as a tool, the Euroswap EDEX project emerged last year. This asset has the potential to make it easier for Europeans to buy and own cryptocurrency and raise the level of demand for crypto to 25% as early as next year.

The first decentralized crypto exchange EDEX will allow exchanging crypto for euro and vice versa thanks to Visa-type fiat transfer gateways. In other words, all you have to do is connect your bank card and wallet to DEX and literally buy any available crypto asset in seconds. Imagine how easy this will make owning new digital finances! If your grandmother in Spain only heard about cryptocurrency today, tomorrow she will be sending you BNB or BUSD as a birthday present. Buying cryptocurrency in Europe will be easier than ordering an Apple gift card. 

Of course, these opportunities have interested Europeans: both ordinary citizens and European investors, because this is a technology that will already become super popular in the near future, which means it will bring a lot of money from investments. The EDEX token is precisely an asset that guarantees participation in the distribution of profits from the earnings of Euroswap Group Ltd. among investors. In other words, it’s your digital shares, which rise in value along with the project’s growing popularity.

EDEX ends TokenSale before listing

The Euroswap project started a TokenSale phase in November 2021 for early investors who could buy an EDEX asset at special prices much lower than it would be on a trading exchange. At the end of April 2022, the Euroswap team announced the successful collection of HardCap, meaning that the project is ready to close the TokenSale phase and begin listing the EDEX asset. 

The listing should take place in the first half of May 2022 (just over a week to match the dates). The EDEX token will immediately appear on a major exchange with daily turnover of up to $5 billion. That is, the team immediately declares itself as a big player and is not traded on small exchanges. The exact name of the exchange is still hiding in the list of contenders, including, HitBTC, KuCoin. 

If the listing happens before May 15, new investors have just over one week left to get an EDEX token at a special price. After listing, the price of the asset is likely to be inflated several times over, and high trading demand will push it even higher. 

High demand is almost guaranteed because Euroswap has decided on a very cunning and effective move. The developers offered their early investors the use of the Staking tool even before the EDEX token was traded. Investors could add their own assets to Staking for passive returns of up to 152% APR. The project’s prospects are impressive because more than 75% of EDEX holders voluntarily added their assets to Staking pools for 12 months. That is, less than 25% of EDEX investors will participate in trading at the time of listing on the exchange. That is, demand will be much higher than supply.

After listing, the Euroswap team will launch a new long phase called Trading Season. At this time, the EDEX asset should gain maximum popularity among investors. The project will accumulate capitalization and liquidity to develop practical EuroSwap instruments.

Immediately after listing n CEX, the project will open trading on one of the DEX: PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap, UniSwap. This will launch another passive income tool better known locally as Farming. It is also a high-yield investment method where you can back up your EDEX token with another asset and thus create liquidity for trading. This phase is expected to give the Euroswap project a vertical takeoff in price and capitalization. 

The EDEX team has not yet announced the final closure of the TokenSale period. But it is likely that once a specific exchange is announced for listing, the opportunity to invest in EDEX at a special price will be stopped. You can buy EDEX at the official Euroswap website. And tokens can also be obtained via a support bot in Telegram. On other platforms, EDEX token sales are not possible until the listing takes place. 

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