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Ethereum unveils Gray Glacier hard fork to delay the difficulty bomb

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Ethereum has successfully launched the Gray Glacier hard fork. The hard fork launched on Ethereum on Thursday, according to Ethereum developers. This fork will delay the difficulty bomb, a process that will eventually delay the Merge.

Ethereum launches Gray Glacier

Besides delaying the difficulty bomb, Ethereum core developers, including Tim Beiko, have been actively working on processes leading up to the Merge. The Sepolia testnet is expected to run through the Merge trail over the next few days. It is also the last testnet to be used for a trial before The Merge is activated.

Data from Etherscan shows that the Gray Glacier hard fork was started on block number 15050000. Following this hard fork. The difficulty bomb will be delayed for around 100 days. It will give developers time to complete the Merge. Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake is now expected to happen in mid-October.

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Ethereum’s core developer, Tim Beiko, went to Twitter saying that “20 blocks past the fork and it’s looking good: all monitored nodes except @OpenEthereumOrg, which doesn’t support the fork, are in sync. No blocks on the old chain so far.”

Nethermind, an Ethereum ecosystem developer, also took to Twitter, saying that the hard fork had been a success and that the difficulty bomb had been delayed successfully. Block time had now been reduced to 13 times.

Sepolia testnet

Beiko also released a Twitter post from the Ethereum Foundation saying that the Sepolia testnet would conduct a dress rehearsal of this Merge in the coming days. He added that this would make it the second out of the three public testnets that managed to do this.

“After years of work to bring proof-of-stake to Ethereum, we are now well into the final testing stage: testnet deployments,” Beiko added. He also talked about the success of the previous testnets, with one of these being Ropsten, which was deployed earlier this year.

“With Ropsten already transitioned to proof-of-stake and shadow forks continuing regularly, Sepolia is now ready for the Merge. After Sepolia, only Goerli/Prater will need to be merged before moving to mainnet,” said Beiko.

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