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Elon Musk Tweets Milady Maker NFT, Floor Price Pumps 50% In Just 3 Hours

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Milady Maker NFT collection has pumped higher today after Twitter Chief Executive Officer ‘Elon Musk’ shared a gif image of the counterculture NFT collection. Milady Maker NFT collection has reacted strongly to Musk’s tweet, exploding 50% a few hours later.

Musk Tweets Milady Maker NFT Collection

On May 10, 2023, Twitter Boss Elon Musk created a short frenzy within the non-fungible token market after sharing a meme containing the instantly recognizable avatar of the popular Milady Maker NFT collection.

Twitter top executive ‘Elon Musk’ declared, “There is no meme, I love you.”Musk’s tweet has pushed Milady Maker’s NFT collection to the top trending on various NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea and Blur and the Magic Eden NFT market platform.

Launched in August 2021, Milady Maker is an NFT collection from digital asset incubation firm Remilia. The NFT collection features a limited edition of 10,000 generative PFP NFTs. Milady Maker NFT collections, which feature wide-eyed, childlike faces, were inspired by street-style tribes.

Milady Maker NFTs Pump 50% In Floor Price

Milady Maker’s NFT collection has skyrocketed Following Musk’s tweet, pumping 50.9 % in just a few hours. In the past 24 hours, Milady Maker NFT collection has recorded a sales volume of 7,339 ETH (approximately $13 million).

Milady Maker NFT Collection

Milady Maker NFT Collection:

Over the same period, Milady Maker’s market capitalization and floor price have sharply increased to $96 million and $9,727. At the time of publishing, Milady Maker NFT collection ranks top, dethroning blue-chip NFT collection ‘Azuki,’ which had been dominant for the past few weeks.

It’s worth noting that the NFT collection has faced controversy over conspiracy theories and slurs shared by the creator behind Remilia and the project, known as Charlotte Fang, Charlie Fang, or Charlemagne. Elon Musk’s bullish tweet is a game changer to the NFT collection.

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