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Ecoterra Is The Fastest Growing Eco Friendly Crypto Project – Presale Ends Soon

Ecoterra Raises $4.8 Million In Presale
Ecoterra Raises $4.8 Million In Presale

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Ecoterra, a sustainable Web3 platform for generating revenue through recycling, has raised over $4.8 million in a presale of its native $ECOTERRA token. Investors are eager to jump on the opportunity ahead of an impending price increase in the next and final round of presales.

Ecoterra’s incredible growth shows the future prosperity of their eco-friendly project

There was considerable demand from investors, as the presale phase of this environmentally friendly project brought in a remarkable $4.8 million. The project’s performance has created a positive outlook on its future potential, and hundreds of investors have joined the official Ecoterra Telegram channel to stay updated.

Those interested in making an early investment must act quickly. Investors who buy before the presale enters $5.7 million will have a chance to sit on paper gains of roughly 8%, as the price of $ECOTERRA will increase by another 8% to $0.01 before listing on major exchanges later this year. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

Ecoterra’s highly successful presale is about to end

Ecoterra‘s success in reaching the outstanding $4.8 million fundraising milestone is an affirmation of the overwhelming support it has received for its admirable mission. At the moment, the price for a single token is $0.00925, and buyers have the option of paying for their purchases using either ETH, USDT, or a card.

There will be a total supply of 2 billion $ECOTERRA tokens in circulation, and the listing price of each token will increase to $0.01 in the forthcoming final round of the presale. See our ECOTERRA price prediction here.

The project is rapidly approaching its end stage, and there are a lot of promising innovations in the works. After the presale is over, the team will focus on things like advertising, publicity, registering with Recycle2Earn, and launching the carbon offset marketplace. Guide on how to buy Ecoterra tokens here.

During the ensuing expansion phase, they will also form alliances and work to expand the market for recycled materials. The Ecoterra team’s attention will shift to acquiring exchange listings and further developing the platform as soon as the presale phases have been completed or the fundraising goal has been attained, whichever comes first.

The smart contracts that serve as the foundation of the platform have been subjected to comprehensive security and KYC audits by CertiK. This was done to ensure that the platform is completely secure and verified. In addition, the Recycle2Earn app and the Recycled Materials Marketplace are both scheduled for release by the end of the year.

The demand for efficient recycling methods is greater than ever before since the world collects an estimated 11 billion tons of solid garbage annually. Investing in Ecoterra not only allows users to contribute to a potentially fruitful Web3 initiative but also demonstrates their commitment to a more environmentally friendly future.

Ecoterra’s future development

The Ecoterra development team wants to provide a staking mechanism that will allow token holders to generate a passive income stream from their token holdings, giving token holders a reason to hold $ECOTERRA beyond its possible price growth on the open market. $ECOTERRA’s 2 billion supply includes 50% for presale investors.

In addition to this, Ecoterra introduces the industry-altering Recycle2Earn concept. Blockchain technology can encourage environmentally responsible behavior to a new level by rewarding reuse and recycling, simplifying carbon offsetting, and monitoring environmental effects using the blockchain’s immutability and transparency.

Recyclers get $ECOTERRA crypto tokens from Ecoterra. The R2E software from Green Web3 can be used in any country with Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). To help people and businesses offset their carbon footprint, the platform has a carbon offset marketplace.

Using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies, businesses can shop for recycled items on Ecoterra’s marketplace. At the same time, the inviolable nature of the blockchain makes it possible for Ecoterra to implement an Impact Trackable Profile that lets individuals and corporations record and verify their eco-friendly actions.

Environmentally concerned companies that can employ an Impact Trackable Profile to improve their brand recognition and consumer loyalty are expected to make heavy use of this function. Ecoterra is more than simply a token, rather, it is an initiative to transform our approach to recycling and reduce the amount of garbage we produce.

An investment in this project as an early investor during the presale shows a dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Contributions to the preservation of our planet for the benefit of future generations can be made today by joining the movement toward a more sustainable future.

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