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Discover The Future of Crypto-Powered Wellness and Rewards – How to Buy Early? (FGHT)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fight out The fasted growing WEB3 game
Fight out The fasted growing WEB3 game

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What Is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a move-to-earn or play-to-earn crypto project that plans to revolutionalize the web3 gaming industry by incentivizing players to achieve workout goals. Also, Fight Out encourages players to achieve basic and fitness training while rewarding them for realized targets. 

Fight Out touts itself as the bridge between Web3 and Web2. It uses an on-demand Web3 app to interact with users, who earn REPS tokens when they complete workout routines. Users can redeem the REPS tokens in the mobile application in exchange for in-person coaching sessions, at-home training equipment, NFTs, and more. 

How Does It Work? 

Fight Out’s concept is unique, the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency industry. It is building a play-to-earn game in Web3, where players can compete to win rewards in crypto which they can exchange for real money.

Fight Out users can compete in games using Soulbound NFT avatar with stats and abilities according to their training and achievements. It allows users to test their physical agility while having fun in a safe environment.

In addition, Fight Out encourages users to train and live a healthy lifestyle by incentivizing their gaming experience.

According to the Fight Out project, its training ground is the entry point into the Fight Out ecosystem. Users can access content from elite combat athletes, workout classes, etcetera, to level up and earn rewards. 

With its FGHT token, Fight Out will offer token-gated access to physical gyms, Metaverse. The team plans to onboard Web2 users to Web3 through UX and partnerships with Wert and Weba3auth for easy wallet creation and FGHT token purchases.

Benefits Of Fight Out

The Fight Out redeemable rewards are points of attraction to more users in the Web3 ecosystem. It will also encourage users to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Its Web3 gaming offering eliminates the Web3 knowledge barrier allowing easy access and promoting mass game adoption in the Fight Out ecosystem.

Fight Out (FGHT) Presales

Fight Out is still in its presale stage. The project already raised nearly $6 million in the last phase of its FGHT token presale. According to the Fight Out official website, there are only 2 days left before the presale ends on March 31. Therefore, early investors must take this chance to secure a spot before the presale ends.

 The FGHT token is currently trading at $0.03330. Early investors could claim up to a 67% presale bonus when they purchase up to $50,000 worth of FGHT tokens and hold them for at least 36 months. 

In exchange for the touted 36 months lock-up period, investors will receive an additional 42$ allotment of all contributions. Those who bought FGHT tokens earlier will get 10% extra. 

According to Fight Out, FGHT exchange listings would start on April 5, the same day presale investors would claim their tokens. The exchanges whose platform would list FGHT come April 5 include BKEX Global, XT Exchange, LBank Exchange, and Uniswap. 

Chances are high that the token price would increase after listing on exchanges, allowing early birds to earn more profits.

How To Buy FGHT Tokens

To buy the FGHT tokens, a MetaMask wallet must be installed on your browser if you use a desktop. However, if you want to purchase from a mobile device, Trust Wallet is the best option. With Trust Wallet, you can connect to the in-built browser.

There are several options to complete your purchase.

  1. Buy FGHT with a card: Click on the ‘Buy FGHT with credit card’ button to use your chosen credit card. It supports the four main credit card networks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  2. Buy ETH with a card: Click on the ‘Buy ETH with a card’ button to use Transak to purchase Ethereum with your credit card. Next, swap the ETH for FGHT and ensure enough ETH covers the gas fees. 
  3. Buy FGHT with ETH: If you already have ETH in your wallet, click the “Buy FGHT with ETH’ button to swap ETH for FGHT. Input the amount of ETH you want to invest to view how many tokens you will receive. Use the vesting slider to view the additional bonuses you will receive (up to 67%) if you lock your FGHT tokens for a while.
  4. Buy FGHT with USDT: If you have USDT in your wallet, you can use the ‘Buy FGHT with USDT’ option to swap USDT for FGHT tokens. Input the amount of USDT you want to invest to see how many tokens you will receive.  

Your wallet provider will ask you to authorize Fight Out to access the USDT in your wallet. After signing, confirm the final purchase order.

Fight Out Road Map

  Q4 2022  Presale kickoff

Institutional round

Token Contract deployment and audit

Marketing campaign launch

Athlete and ambassador social campaigns

Fight Out merchandise launch

  Q1 2023 CEX listing drive

Funding round ends

Fight Out content studio acquisition

Invitational Fight Out app testing

Limited edition NFTs launched

Official Fight Out website launched

Staking launched

  Q2 2023 Fight Out app launch

App Launch Party

NFT avatar launch

First, pro-fighter workouts launched

  Q3 2023 First NFT cosmetics launched

More enable badges and badge benefits unlocked

More on-demand fighter content

Expanded in-app social features 

    Q4 2023 and beyond In-app marketplace

Increases on-demand fighter content 

REP’s challenges launched 

PVP contests launched

Launch Play-to-Earn ecosystem


What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a gaming platform based on metaverse technology that rewards users for competing and winning on its platform. A player’s ability to compete and how many rewards they earn are determined partially by their avatar’s qualities. The platform combines physical activities with gaming. 

Why Train-and-Earn?

Fight Out offers users a way out of the previous Play-to-Earn models that lack mainstream adoption due to large financial investments upfront and Web3 knowledge. Fight Out’s only requirement for access is affordable FGHT tokens.

FGHT vs. REPS, what is the difference?

FGHT is the native token of the Fight Out platform available in the ongoing presale. However, REPS is the in-app currency earned by completing achievements within the Fight Out platform. REPS will also handle purchases in the Fight Out app, such as cosmetics and upgrades to an Avatar. 

What is an Avatar?

The Fight Out avatar is an NFT that displays a user’s progress on the platform. Users can mint a personalized NFT when creating a Fight Out account. These NFTs are soul bound to their creators and cannot be sold or transferred. 

Data collated from training and achievements convert directly to stat points for their avatar. The avatar will represent its creator in the Fight Out metaverse and compete against others to earn prices. 

What Next For The FightOut Project?

Plans are underway to follow up after the presale. The team aims to develop the metaverse and onboard Fight Out ambassadors. These ambassadors will handle training programs and other interactive activities in the ecosystem.

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