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DeeLance ICO Raises $850,000 – Next 10x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The DeeLance presale has now $850K within weeks of its launch. The presale has attracted a large number of investors due to its potential and goals.

DeeLance, a groundbreaking web3 freelance recruitment and remote working metaverse platform, has reached a significant milestone in its viral crypto presale.

DeeLance brings blockchain transparency and security to freelancing

“At the core of DeeLance’s groundbreaking approach is the tokenization of freelance work products into NFTs, allowing a secure and reliable transfer of work ownership,” DeeLance’s Community Head Alekh and Community Manager Ivan recently explained in a presentation to ICO Speaks.

DeeLance’s groundbreaking method, according to the pair, “addresses long-standing challenges in the digital freelancing space, such as copyright infringement and payment fraud, and provides an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind to all stakeholders.”

In a nutshell, DeeLance brings the transparency and security of blockchain technology to the freelance industry, benefiting both workers and employers. Meanwhile, unlike many existing freelance platforms, which can be difficult to sign up for and take a substantial part of a freelancer’s revenue, DeeLance is extremely user-friendly and has extremely minimal fees.

“The DeeLance Freelancing platform’s signup process is straightforward… There are no browser plugins, third-party apps, or payment card information required… “The fees are low, the payments are quick, done in crypto, and everything is transparent and secure thanks to the escrow system and smart contracts,” Alekh and Ivan noted.

DeeLance presale analysis

The presale of the startup’s native DeeLance crypto token has just reached $850,000, indicating that the presale has entered stage 3 and the price per token has risen to $0.033. However, investors should not be concerned because the presale is still in its early stages.

The DeeLance price will be steadily raised to $0.048 over the next four phases, ahead of a listing price of $0.057 on major crypto exchanges later this year. As a result, investors who enter during stage 3 will have accrued paper gains of 66.6% by the time DeeLance is listed on markets later this year.

DeeLance is creating an innovative, crypto and NFT-powered metaverse that connects freelancers and employers and promises to forever change remote working. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.

Consider DeeLance’s metaverse to be a blockchain-powered, work-focused digital realm aimed to empower both freelancers and employers while charging cheaper costs than existing large web2 freelance websites.

Given its compelling value proposition, it’s no surprise that many analysts believe DeeLance, which powers DeeLance’s web3 environment, will skyrocket in the next quarters.

DeeLance Metaverse: Socialize, Work, and Earn

According to Alekh and Ivan, DeeLance’s unique crypto-powered metaverse “is all about Socialize, Work, and Earn.”

The duo described how the metaverse aims to create a community in which users can create customizable avatars, socialize and connect with others, buy commercial land or office space, lease office space, and advertise their products on billboards, all while gaining exclusive access to metaverse VIP experiences and unique tools and services with the DeeLance token.

DeeLance is the ERC-20-compliant utility token of the DeeLance network. It powers activity on this freelance platform and permits Metaverse purchases. Holders gain access to additional privileges like as NFT drops, collaborations, and access to the Metaverse VIP Experience.

VIP users can own virtual land and office space around the Metaverse, lease office space, and advertise on billboards. In addition, DeeLance will have a generalized NFT marketplace for popular existing digital commodities such as art, photography, trading cards, tickets, and music.

DeeLance’s value proposition enables widespread adoption

One of the reasons investors admire the DeeLance project is because its real-world application attempts to alleviate users’ pain points. The project’s goal is to provide a completely decentralized Web3 platform where freelancers and recruiters may smoothly interact for a mutually beneficial transaction.

Given the growing popularity of the remote work approach to employment, there is a need for a secure and dependable platform to protect the interests of both employers and employees. DeeLance is the blockchain-powered equivalent of freelancing platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancers, and others.

It tries to alleviate the difficulties that these platforms’ users confront while also advancing their goals. DeeLance promises to accomplish this by charging customers a minimal transaction charge and providing Escrow protection for their funds.

According to its official website, DeeLance charges a 2% client fee, as opposed to the 3% to 5.5% that other platforms charge. In addition, the DeeLance onboarding procedure is simple for both freelancers and companies. There is no need for browser plugins, third-party apps, or credit card information.

DeeLance payments are processed quickly and securely via a chain of smart contracts.

Valuable DeeLance Token : An ideal investment

The DeeLance presale is still ongoing, with price increases planned for every stage. When the presales surpass the $1.2 million mark, the price per token will rise to $0.038. In the presales, DeeLance will distribute 30% of its total supply of one billion tokens. The liquidity pools will receive 10% of the DeeLance tokens.

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In addition, 2% will be used for community awards and airdrops, and 16% will be earmarked for listing on centralized exchanges. Investors must move quickly to take advantage of these presales. Users can buy DeeLance tokens using a MetaMask or Trust Wallet financed with ETH, USDT, or credit cards.


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