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DeeLance Raises Over $300,000 In Early Presale Stage As Investors Leverage Early Bird Pricing Before a 112% Increase

DeeLance Raises Over $300,000 In Early Presale Stage As Investors Leverage Early Bird Pricing Before a 112% Increase
DeeLance Raises Over $300,000 In Early Presale Stage As Investors Leverage Early Bird Pricing Before a 112% Increase

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Three weeks into its presale, DeeLance is selling out big as investors scram to purchase the token before a touted 112% increase. According to the project team, there are only three days left before the end of presale stage 1, when the token price would increase by 16%.

DeeLance, a web3 recruitment platform, promises massive returns to its early investors with its real-world solution. According to reports, the token price would increase by 112% from the current $0.025 to $0.053 after the exchange listing.

The FOMO is already building, and now it’s the time for bullish investors to secure slots before the token sells out.

What is DeeLance?

DeeLance is an online freelancing recruitment platform changing the staffing system by incorporating blockchain technology. The platform leverages NFT and the metaverse to revolutionize company staffing setup, enabling businesses and freelance service providers to make money in crypto with their products and services. 

DLANCE token will power all activities, including NFT purchases, property acquisition, office renting, and other products in DeeLance’s metaverse. The DLANCE token will enable users to perform transactions seamlessly and efficiently without delays and stress.

DeeLance believes Web3 freelancing is the key to limitless opportunities in the labor recruitment industry. The platform aims to create a secure and sustainable gig economy as the freelance industry evolves, eliminating daily roadblocks for freelancers.

DLANCE Tokenomics 

DLANCE is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. The token’s allocation is as follows. 

  • The team has allocated 30% of DLANCE’s total supply to the presale.
  • 10% goes to the liquidity pool.
  • 2% of the entire token supply will go for rewards and airdrops.
  • 16% will be for centralized exchange (CEX) listing.
  • 10% goes to the project team.
  • 18% is for the platform’s development and operational expenses.
  • 14% will go to advisors and partnerships.

DeLance has six presale stages, and the coin price increases, with each passing level up to 112% on the CEX listing.

How DeeLance Will Chance the Recruitment Services Industry

DeeLance launched its platform at the most appropriate time when the recruitment industry is due for a change. The recruitment services industry is a multi-billion dollar revenue-generating sector screaming for a change due to inefficiencies.

 But the rate of work retrenchment and high-time demand yet low-income jobs is alarming. More so, several companies lose from employing unqualified and inefficient people.  

DeeLance is here with a solution. With its metaverse intimacy, lower transaction costs, NFT security, and trust systems, DeeLance plans to help businesses to reduce and mitigate their risks and losses. It allows users to expand their freelance network and establish strong industry relationships. 

Its flexible and cost-effective solutions will enable 70% of small businesses worldwide to hire competent freelancers for daily operations. DeeLance’s Web3 technology will leverage the growing e-learning and freelancing sectors with a high level of client-to-business collaboration and blockchain interaction.  

DeeLance is deploying blockchain technology to make business-to-business interaction effective and more efficient. The DeeLance metaverse provides a flexible, smart, and constructive working environment.

DLANCE Sells Hot As Investors Run to Leverage the Revolutionary Recruitment Marketplace

DeeLance’s presale progresses with bullish momentum that even popular crypto analysts recognized. Opportunities for investors to multiply returns up to 112% within a few weeks are rare. Many people understand this. That is why the token’s presale proves very successful.

No investor wants to miss out as the presale progresses because DeeLance offers attractive propositions with real-world solutions. Investors have started trooping in, with some pumping as high as $30,000 into the DeeLance project.

 According to Dommeti Kiran, founder of DeeLance, the project raises over $100,000 weekly from bullish investors. DeeLance token presale reached a milestone on April 20, with over $300,000 raised in stage 1. 

Stage two starts in 3 days, and the token presale price will increase from $0.025 to $0.029.

How To Buy DeeLance Token

$DLANCE’s current price is $0.025 and will keep increasing till the presale stage 6. You can buy it with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or direct card payment via the Transak Payment network. Here are the steps.

  • Installing MetaMask

If you do not already have a MetaMask wallet, you can download it by visiting the MetaMask website and selecting your preferred browser (Chrome or Firefox).

  • Create your MetaMask Wallet

Create your MetaMask Wallet by clicking the “Create a Wallet” button and following subsequent prompts.

  • Set the wallet passcode.

After the Create a Wallet step, you’ll see a prompt to set your wallet password. Choose a unique but strong password that people can’t easily guess.

  • Write your recovery phrase.

After the password step, a recovery phrase will appear. Ensure you write it down on paper or any place of choice and keep it safe. Your PC or cell phone could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, so storing your recovery phase there is not advisable.

  • Connect to the Ethereum network.

MetaMask transacts with the Ethereum network by default, so you don’t need to change the settings to engage with the DeeLance token. However, ensure you have an ETH balance in your MetaMask Wallet for the gas fee.

  • Import DeeLance to MetaMask

Click “Import Token” to import DeeLance to your MetaMask Wallet to view your balance.

Final Thoughts

Several tokens are in the market, and most started as presale coins. Bullish investors could earn massive ROI because they joined at the earliest time. 

However, unlike DeeLance, some emerging crypto projects lack real-world use cases. Research and leverage the early bird pricing to earn the most returns.

DeeLance - New Web3 Coin Presale

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  • First Decentralized Freelancing Network
  • Find Employers in the Metaverse
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