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DeeLance Sees Increasing Investors Rush – Presale Generates Over $600,000

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The world is getting more advanced with the growing waves of innovative applications and technology in every sector. The freelancing and work recruitment industry is witnessing a strong change and revolution with the emergence of DeeLance, a new project in the space.

DeeLance is a new decentralized blockchain-based Web3 freelancing and recruitment platform with a unique value proposition. The popularity of the project is soaring while it is running its presale. 

The project provides users unique and innovative features and tools for promoting their work. Its functionalities promote transparency and security for the activities of freelancers and other users. 

DeeLance includes a Web3-based recruitment platform with exposure to the metaverse for exploring the virtual world. Also, there’s an NFT marketplace for engaging in NFT activities.


Presale Hits Big With Increasing Investment Rush

Deelance is running its presale, which has hit $600,000 while still in Stage 2. The presale has a total of six different stages, offering investors the opportunity to buy and experience the possibilities in the new and growing project.

The price of the native token DLANCE will be increasing progressively through the stages of the presale. Currently, the token is at $0.029 at stage 2 and will surge to $0.033 in the next stage. This is the time for investors to move quickly and profit from the growing value of the token even before its listing on exchanges.

Early investors at this stage will gain up to 90% once DLANCE is listed at $0.055 by the end of the presale in Q3 2023. According to token allocation, the presale has a total of 300,000,000 available for sale to investors.

Also, the project is offering a giveaway of $100,000 worth of DLANCE to celebrate its presale once it ends. The 4 lucky winners from the giveaway draw will share the prize. To enter the draw, you must have a minimum of $100 worth of DLANCE and register on the website

DeeLance Revolutionizes The Freelancing And Remote Recruitment Industry

DeeLance is bringing revolutionary moves into the world of freelancing and remote recruitment. The platform focuses on Web3 interaction and the metaverse. It aims to offer a quality and refined working environment and processes for freelancing. 

Also, it brings socializing, work and a seamless payment process. Also, it includes an NFT marketplace that will take users deeper as they explore the virtual world. Users can access different digital art, trading cards, photos, music, and tickets through the metaverse.

By redefining the freelancing sector, DeeLance creates a suitable connection between freelancers and their employers. 

Using DeeLance brings freelancers closer to their dreams of getting stability and increased earnings from their work.

Fees are significantly low than other freelancing marketplaces. Also, the project is a great playing ground for beginners to build their portfolio in freelancing.

DeeLance Showcases Transparency And Security For Freelancers

Some major challenges in the freelancing sector are the growing incidents of payment fraud and work ownership. DeeLance offers a great solution through its transparent approach to payments between freelancers and their employers. 

The platform is built on blockchain technology that creates immutable records of all transactions and works. It ensures that all work on the platform has maximum security, which is very difficult to alter. Freelancers can now have the confidence to retain the originality of their works. 

The payment process is very fast, unlike traditional freelancing platforms. The payments are made in crypto with a high level of transparency linked with smart contracts on the DeeLance. 

Utility Of DeeLance Native Token – $DLANCE

DLANCE is the native token of the DeeLance that empowers and supports the ecosystem’s operation. It helps in creating the revolutionary action associated with DeeLance in Metaverse freelance and other relevant applications. 

It offers a wide range of utilities that distinguishes it from any project of its kind. Here are some of the use cases of the DLANCE token.

  • Users can engage in NFT trades in the NFT marketplace using DLANCE.
  • With the token, users can purchase several virtual land, offices, and others in the metaverse.
  • The token
  •  holders have the benefit of qualifying for NFT drops and collabs.
  • The token is used in creating advertisements and promotions on the platform, which accounts for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • DLANCE Tokenomics

DeeLance is among the fast-growing new crypto assets in the industry. The crypto asset has a maximum supply of 21 billion tokens with tokenomics that will support its ecosystem.

Here is the token allocation of the total supply of DLANCE tokens.

  • Presales – 30% (an equivalent of 300,000,000 tokens).
  • Reserved/Ecosystem – 18% (an equivalent of 180,000,000 tokens).
  • Centralized exchanges (Cex) – 16% (an equivalent of 160,000,000 tokens).
  • Advisor/partnership – 14% (an equivalent of 140,000,000 tokens).
  • Liquidity Pool – 10% (an equivalent of 100,000,000 tokens).
  • DeeLance Project Team – 10% (an equivalent of 100,000,000 tokens).
  • Rewards/Airdrops – 2% (an equivalent of 20,000,000 tokens).

Benefits For Early Investors – 90% Price Surge Ahead

DeeLance has a lot of possibilities in the digital world to thrill and excites its community of users. Early investors of the token can enjoy the growing profits associated with the different stages of the presale.

For instance, investing in DLANCE in the ongoing Stage 2 is at the price of $0.029. But the price will surge $0.033, giving a profit of almost 14% for an investor in stage 2. By stage 6 of the presale, the price of DLANCE will be at $0.048, which is a gain of over 65% for early investors.

Also, with the growing hype and rush on the DeeLance, the crypto asset has the potential to skyrocket by a 90% price increase. The listing price for the token is capped at $0.055. This puts investors at endless opportunities to hit very big once the token is listed on centralized exchanges.

DeeLace Presale Guide – How To Buy DLANCE Token

The DeeLance presale comes in six different stages, with the price of the DLANCE increasing progressively. Out of the total maximum supply of 1 billion DLANCE tokens, the team behind the crypto project allocated 30% (300,000,000) for the presale.

The presale is currently at its Stage 2 with the price of DLANCE at $0.029. Investors can only buy the token directly from the DeeLance official website.

  • Get a Compatible Wallet

DLANCE is an ERC-20-based crypto asset as DeeLance is developed on the Ethereum network. You should use a compatible crypto wallet like MetaMask to hold and store the coins.

  • Connect Your Wallet To DeeLance Presale

You must connect your wallet to the right website to buy the DLANCE tokens. Visit the DeeLance Presale website and click on the ‘Connect’ button. 

Choose the type of wallet you have (MetaMask) from the available options given. Then, confirm your selection from your wallet to complete the connection process.

  • Select a Payment Option

You will select the payment option to make your purchase. On the option of using crypto assets, you can only buy DeeLance tokens with either ETH or USDT coins. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the tokens using your bank credit/debit card.

  • Purchase DLANCE Tokens

Input the number of ETH or USDT tokens you want to use for the payment. Remember to have extra tokens that will cover the gas fee of the transaction. You will receive a notification to confirm all your inputs. 

Then, click the ‘Confirm’ button. The number of DLANCE tokens purchased will be deposited in your wallet. You will also need to claim your DLANCE tokens once the presale ends through the website.

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