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CyberConnect Climbs the Ladder: CYBER to Hit $7.50 Soon?


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CyberConnect (CYBER) price remains bullish despite broader market gloom. The token continues to sustain above an ascending trendline, with a forecasted target of $7.50 soon. However, from a technical standpoint, the upside potential for the token faces a significant threat.

CyberConnect Pivoting Around Networkless and Gasless User Experience

Based on a recent announcement, the CyberConnect network has collaborated with the Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) network Arbitrum (ARB). The joint task force provides the runway for CyberTrek. The feature enables users to experience Web3 with account abstraction.

The network advertises CyberTrek as a campaign offering users the first touch point with smart accounts (account abstraction) using the ecosystem’s CyberAccount.

Recently, CyberTrek launched on the Arbitrum network, giving ARB enthusiasts and token holders the gateway into account abstraction. With this, they would each have their first ERC-4337-compatible smart account.

The website defines a CyberAccount as “an ERC-4337-compatible smart contract account” that uses account abstraction to bring Web3 to the world. Besides the launch on ARB, CyberAccount is also live on six blockchain networks, including Polygon, Linea, Optimism, Base, and the scheduled opBNB.

CyberTrek deployment

CyberConnect Price Forecast

While CyberConnect’s price maintains an overall uptrend, the upside is threatened, with momentum indicators suggesting an impending slide. Notably, the price barely holds above the support the uptrend line provides.

With the Relative Strength Index edging south, coupled with the descending Awesome Oscillators (AO) and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, the odds for a downside move continue to increase. This is because they indicate falling momentum, leaving the CYBER market susceptible to takeover by the bears.

Furthermore, the Ichimoku cloud continues to hover above CyberConnect price, pointing to a downward trend.

Cyber price
TradingView: CYBER/USDT 12-hour chart

However, the downtrend is not strong, considering the Ichimoku cloud maintains its horizontal slide while CyberConnect price edges south. Citing an excerpt from the indicator’s manual:

[The trend of a signal] is strengthened if the cloud is moving in the same direction as the price. For example, during an uptrend, the top of the cloud is moving up, or during a downtrend, the bottom of the cloud is moving down.

This means a bullish resurgence remains possible, with CYBER price bouncing above the ascending trendline. The uptrend seems underway in the 12-hour chart above, considering the price action is climbing the ladder, recording higher lows for the last three candlesticks. Increased buying pressure could send the altcoin to the forecasted $7.50 target. Such a move would constitute a 45% climb above current levels.

Promising Alternative To CYBER

Switch gaze from CYBER and consider WSM, the native cryptocurrency for the Wall Street Memes project. The project has only 15 days left to the listing on tier-one exchanges, with the transition likely to cause a significant price explosion. Do not miss out. Sprint to buy WSM here using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), a credit card, or even Binance Coin (BNB).

Bolstering the case further for the anticipated value surge, new investors continue to stream ahead of the listing. This translates to enhanced demand, as indicated by a recent 460 ETH investment from a whale in a series of transactions.

Wall Street Memes has breached the $25 million milestone in presale sales. This is no mean feat, considering the broader market is overly cautious amid growing uncertainties.

Staking is a prime means for earning on the Wall Street Memes ecosystem. It is an opportunity for passive income earning, with Annual Percentage Yield (APY) reaching as high as 64% and almost 315 million WSM tokens staked thus far.

The staking feature is so profound that it has earned WSM a place on analysts’ list of top three meme coins with high staking APY. It is also on the list of a few projects indicating 10X potential.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy WSM during the presale.

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