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Crypto Trading In Dirhams Enabled On Leading Exchange

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Crypto Trading In Dirhams Enabled On Leading Exchange
Crypto Trading In Dirhams Enabled On Leading Exchange

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Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world are continually trying to improve their services as they try to attract more investors to their platforms.

More people have taken an interest in crypto-assets and making sure that these investors receive the best service possible is vital for the success of a crypto exchange.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the Middle East, Bitbns, has improved the services it offers its clients.

The exchange’s UAE based traders will now be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the country’s fiat currency, the dirham. Trade on the crypto exchange will be improved significantly as their clients will be able to transact on the platform easily.

Currently, the exchange only allows dirhams to be used for USDT P2P transactions, but now, crypto-assets can be purchased using the fiat currency.

Improved services on Bitbns

The exchange says that they are working on adding more transaction options to the platform. These new transaction methods will be made available to the company’s clients shortly according to a press statement released by the exchange.

The availability of a variety of transaction methods will allow investors from different parts of the world to participate in crypto trading on the exchange.

Bitbns said that withdrawals in AED would be available to customers that have satisfied the exchange’s KYC protocols.

Those that have not provided their KYC data will only be able to trade and deposit but will not be able to withdraw in the UAE’s fiat currency.

KYC information is vital to the security of exchange when fiat currencies are involved, and Bitbns has given full access to the clients with KYC compliant accounts.

Additional improvements to services

The exchange has made improvements to some of the services they offer their clients in a bid to improve the overall trading experience on the platform.

Traders will be able to place bracket orders, stop-limit orders, limit orders, execute margin trading, and access price alerts. The exchange has over 70 crypto assets listed on it, and this gives its clients a wide range of options.

Bitbns has made these announcements soon after the exchange announced that it has engaged in a partnership with OKEx, a Malta-based crypto exchange.

OKEx was previously the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of the turnover that the exchange makes. The merger between the two crypto exchanges will see both of the platforms work towards being some of the best online cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Crypto trading

The crypto trading industry has grown, and more companies are providing these services to investors. Digital assets provide financial security in many ways that fiat currencies have failed.

The understanding that people have of cryptocurrencies is growing daily, and this is drawing more people towards the trade of this asset class.

Regulators in many countries are working towards developing guidelines for the trading and use of cryptocurrencies in their jurisdictions.

If regulators develop frameworks that foster the growth of the industry and the asset class, cryptocurrencies may become the key to a financial revolution.

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