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Crypto News Channel Reviews The Sonik Coin Presale – Next 10x Meme Token?

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Crypto News Channel Reviews The Sonik Coin Presale
Crypto News Channel Reviews The Sonik Coin Presale

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The Cryptonews YouTube channel reviewed the Sonik Coin (SONIK) presale, which offers high APY staking and has similar themes to recently successful low market cap meme tokens. This indicates a growing trend in the cryptocurrency market where unique and engaging concepts are driving investor interest and participation.

Amidst the cryptocurrency market downturn, the appetite for memecoins with viral potential remains evident, as exemplified by the rapid progess of the Sonik Coin presale so far.

Sonik Coin approaching $200,000 in viral presale

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, the thrill of uncovering the next major trend is a sensation that continues to captivate enthusiasts. Today, we delve into the story of Sonik Coin, an emerging memecoin that has captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts.

This new digital asset draws inspiration from the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog character, a beloved creation introduced by video game giant Sega in 1991. Although Sonik Coin (SONIK) is not officially affiliated with the Sonic brand or Sega, it ingeniously incorporates elements from the Sonic games that have charmed gamers worldwide.

Remarkably, within over 48 hours of its launch, the cryptocurrency has gathered significant momentum, nearing the impressive $200,000 mark. The recently initiated presale of Sonik Coin bears a cautious ceiling of $2 million, welcoming investors to partake using either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT).

The choice of $2 million as the cap is not arbitrary; it mirrors the speed of light, a figure often associated with Sonik’s purported maximum velocity. Aiming high, the $SONIK project aspires to achieve a noteworthy $100 million market capitalization.

This ambition translates to the presale placing a valuation of $4.2 million on $SONIK, an intentionally modest appraisal that leaves ample room for substantial growth. What sets Sonik Coin apart is its innovative approach to providing token rewards to investors who choose to stake their holdings.

Unlike many other memecoins that primarily thrive on speculative trading, $SONIK serves a practical purpose through its staking utility. Keep updated on Sonik Coin’s social media channels, such as Twitter and Telegram. For additional information on new projects, check out our compilation of the top crypto presales in 2023.

Sonik Coin’s unique staking approach elevates utility and long-term value

Alongside its fair presale structure, Sonik Coin is introducing an intriguing feature that differentiates it from the typical memecoin. Notably, 40% of the total token supply is earmarked for staking rewards, providing $SONIK holders with a unique utility beyond speculative trading.

The staking mechanism adds tangible value to this memecoin, which is an uncommon trait in a field where tokens often lack practical applications. By staking $SONIK tokens, holders can earn a substantial Annual Percentage Yield (APY). As stated on Sonik Coin’s official site, the present staking APY is 365%, and roughly 6.5 billion $SONIK tokens are already locked up.

Yet, the staking system’s benefits go beyond financial gains. It incentivizes participants to hold onto their $SONIK tokens for the long term, fostering price stability—an aim consistent with Sonik Coin’s overall vision. In a landscape crowded with memecoins lacking purpose, Sonik Coin’s staking feature stands out.

It empowers $SONIK holders beyond trading, aligning with the project’s community-oriented approach. Cryptocurrency staking is known for reducing selling pressure during initial exchange listings—a pivotal phase for any token’s market entry.

By offering staking rewards, Sonik Coin addresses this pressure, encouraging holders to adopt a longer-term perspective and generating passive income for token holders.

BTC20, an ERC20 token that mimics Bitcoin’s early years, is a good example of this principle. Even as its value surged by 600% post-listing, over 60% of BTC20 holders continued to stake their tokens, underscoring the attractiveness of staking-based incentives.

Sonik Coin applies a similar strategy in the memecoin arena, enhancing the token’s utility and long-term potential. This utility plays a vital role in mitigating selling pressures as the memecoin debuts on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX).

In a market where utility drives success, Sonik Coin shines as a standout project, offering a clear reason for investors to engage and hold on.

Sonik Coin tokenomics fueling the $SONIK ecosystem

$SONIK stands as an ERC-20 token constructed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total token supply: 299,792,458,000

Within the expansive $SONIK universe, a total of 299,792,458,000 tokens are available, mirroring Sonik’s remarkable speed, often likened to the speed of light! This remarkable rapidity propels their journey to explore the stars and beyond.

Total presale raise: $2,098,547

During the presale event, the aim is to gather $2,098,547, with immense appreciation for the enthusiastic backing from the community. The community’s enthusiasm acts as the driving force for Sonik’s progress.

Tokens sold: 149,896,229,000

From the overall token supply, a substantial 149,896,229,000 tokens will find buyers during the presale. Sonik’s innate charm and swiftness are attracting investors from every corner of the crypto realm.

Presale token price: $0.000014

$SONIK tokens are available at a unique price of $0.000014 each. This exceptional opportunity should not be overlooked, as $SONIK prepares for an exhilarating launch.

The allocation splits into 3 categories:

  • 50% of the total supply is available in the $SONIK presale
  • 40% of the total supply is allocated for staking rewards
  • 10% of the total supply is locked for liquidity provision on exchanges

The presale only has a single stage and has a hard cap of $2,098,547. Within just 2 days, the presale has already garnered over $180,000 in $SONIK token sales. The value of $SONIK stands at $0.000014.

$PEPE’s triumph sheds light on the price prospects of Sonik Coin

Numerous initial members of the Sonik Coin Telegram community are of the belief that the ongoing demand for memecoins could potentially set the stage for significant growth in the realm of $SONIK. Notable endeavors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have demonstrated the formidable influence online communities wield in propelling exponential gains.

Sonik Coin enters the memecoin arena amid a year teeming with victorious memecoins. Initiating the trend, $PEPE achieved an astounding surge of over 10,000% in May. Recent successors, including coins like Pepe v2.0, have witnessed gains surpassing 2,000%.

$SONIK’s bullish prospects are further buoyed by its distinction as one of the few memecoin that incorporate staking rewards. This facet could potentially broaden the token’s appeal beyond traders hunting for the next memecoin sensation.

As $SONIK investors partake in staking, the tokens are locked, reducing the available supply for trading. Should demand remain steady, this mechanism is expected to fuel price upticks, thus motivating more investors to engage in staking activities

Sonik Coin roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Concept art – Bring $SONIK to life with amazing artwork
  • Token deployed – $SONIK becomes part of the crypto realm on ETH
  • Fair presale – Everyone’s at the starting blocks on time
  • Staking – Stake $SONIK to gain rewards

Phase 2:

  • On your marks – Ready for the official launch
  • Get set – Brace for the $SONIK’s takeoff on Uniswap
  • Zoom – Witness $SONIK’s surge through the markets
  • Rewards – Gather additional $SONIK through staking

Phase 3:

  • Build community – Forging a strong $SONIK community
  • Number go up – Pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations
  • 100 million market cap – Aiming towards the optimistic milestone of a $100 million market cap

Sonik Coin: Attracting the gaze of the Asian market

A memecoin with global potential, Sonik is particularly poised for success in Asian markets like Japan. The resonance emanates from Sonic the Hedgehog, a creation credited to Sega’s Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima. Despite having no formal association with Sega’s Sonic, Sonik taps into the character’s fan base across Japan and other Asian nations.

Notably, these regions constitute some of the world’s most vibrant crypto markets. The strategic thematic choice by the Sonik team is evident. The official Sonik website features content in Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Korean, catering to diverse linguistic audiences.

What sets Sonik apart is its proactive approach to security—it deviates from conventional memecoin projects by subjecting its smart contract to a comprehensive audit. This commitment offers potential purchasers peace of mind, with the upcoming audit report accessible to all investors for scrutiny.

Take part in the SONIK presale at

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