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Sonik Coin’s New Crypto Presale: Can it 50x and Reach $100M MCAP?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Sonik Coin is the newest meme coin cryptocurrency, and it aims to be the fastest crypto to reach a $100 million market cap.

Inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog character, Sonik is a funny meme coin with a difference – it is a stake-to-earn coin where depositors into its staking smart contract receive rewards for sticking with the project.

The Sonik coin project offers a juicy annual percentage yield (APY) for its stakers to help boost $ SONIK’s quest to reach the moon. Sonik is the world’s first stake-to-speed crypto!

Buyers can start staking and earning right now. Of the total token supply, 40% has been allocated to community staking rewards, to be paid out over four years.

At the time of writing, 90 million $SONIK tokens have already been staked at an APY of 26,648%, although that rate will reduce as more stakers deposit into the smart contract.

The team has set a modest low-cap target of only $2 million ($2,098,547), so expect this coin to sell out sooner rather than later. 

$SONIK Staking Dampens Listing Sell Pressure and Incentivizes Long-Term Holding

The staking concept is burrowing deep into the meme coin and ‘version 2’ themed coin space. 

A new coin called BTC20, which recreated the block production history of bitcoin on Ethereum by going back to 2011 when BTC was valued at $1, has seen a massive take up of its staking service. 

Approximately two-thirds of BTC20 token holders are staking their bags. Minutes into its listing, BTC20 went up in price 6x.

There’s no reason why Sonik could not repeat that staking achievement, providing prospective buyers with another selling point to consider when making their purchase decision.

Also, the staking utility means there will be far less selling pressure on the coin when it launches on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX), providing an added source of comfort for buyers.

But it is advised not to hang around for too long when deciding whether to invest because the presale will likely sell out in two weeks or less.

Stay up-to-date with Sonik news and be the first to know when it lists by following the X (formerly Twitter) account and joining the Telegram group.

‘Gotta Go Fast’ – SONIK Could Be Another Pepe Coin

Setting it apart, Sonik has the viral potential of one of the most likable and well-known characters in gaming, helped by the unique meme art creations it is sure to encourage. 

The highly meme-friendly characters shown on the website provide a feel for the endless fun artists will have with Sonik and friends.  

There is no limit to how high Sonik coin could go, but you’ve ‘gotta go fast’ to be sure to be among the price-pump winners. 

It could be another Pepe coin, but with the accent on fun and earning while you laugh.

$SONIK is priced at just $0.000014, so a $1,000 investment could quickly turn into $50,000 or even $100,000 if Sonik kills some zeros and returns 50x or 100x to its early buyers.

The token supply is a little shy of 300 billion, at 299,792,458,000. But why that random-looking supply amount? 

Well, 299,792,458,000 meters per second is the speed of light, so catch Sonik if you can.

YouTube crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury is first out of the gate with an initial 10x price prediction for $SONIK.

Japan and Asia Love ‘Sonic’ and Will Jump at the Chance to be Part of the SONIK Coin Community

Sonik is expected to secure considerable traction in Asian markets because of the Japanese provenance of the Sonic the Hedgehog character created by the Sega team of Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Hirokazu Yasuhara.

Although Sonik has no affiliation with Sega’s Sonic, it will probably find an enthusiastic audience of followers in the crypto market of Japan and other Asian countries. 

According to sources, the website will roll out translations into Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and other languages.

Asia remains one of the hottest and most engaged regional markets for crypto.

Sonik Smart Contract is Being audited, So No Security Worries

Security should be a significant consideration when deciding whether to invest in a presale project. 

On that score, the team is listening to the broader crypto community, where many new meme coins that appear on Uniswap and elsewhere don’t bother to get their smart contract audited.

Again, Sonik is different in that respect by submitting its contract for audit. The audit report will be published soon and available for all to read on the website.

Sonik is a fair presale, where 50% of the total token supply is allocated for sale to the public. Forty percent is set aside for staking rewards and 10% for exchange liquidity. 

The coin will list on the Uniswap DEX directly after the presale. Buyers will need ETH or USDT to buy the tokens. 

Connect your wallet to the Sonik website to make your purchase, but hurry to ensure you don’t miss out.

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