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Crypto Mind Shares His Viewpoint On Wall Street Memes – The Next Big Coin In 2023

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Crypto Mind, a famous crypto influencer, shares his knowledge about Wall Street Memes, the new token that went viral due to its presale. A new meme coin has recently caught the cryptocurrency world by storm, and it is continuing presale is potentially getting close to reaching the $10 million mark.

Crypto Mind: A beginner’s guide to investing in $WSM

The popular cryptocurrency community Wall Street Memes has just launched its own coin, $WSM. The $WSM token’s initial presale round began on May 26, 2023. The $WSM presale has gotten off to a wonderful start, following in the footsteps of the successful price performances of multiple meme tokens during the past few months.

Wall Street Memes Show Massive Potential and Approaches $10 Million Milestone

Wall Street Memes is a unique meme coin concept that wants to profit from the immense influence of the retail trading community. In just three weeks, the token has raised a stunning $9.7 million in presales. The Wall Street Memes stage 17 presale is about to conclude with the current token value of $0.0298 apiece.

The token’s value is predicted to climb by $0.0301 once Stage 18 begins. Thus, early investors are encouraged to move swiftly to take advantage of the discount. Many experts suggest that $WSM is destined to stay for a while, encouraging consumers to invest in this booming meme coin that’s having an easy ride while taking over the meme coin market.

How to buy $WSM coins

Taking part in the Wall Street Memes presale is an easy way for investors to acquire WSM tokens ahead of their listing on decentralized exchanges. See our guide on how to buy $WSM token here.

  1. Acquire some Ether or Binance Coin in the crypto wallet. The first step is to deposit some Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB) into the selected digital currency wallet.
  2. Once there is ETH or BNB in a wallet, it can trade them in for $WSM tokens using the presale widget on the Wall Street Memes website. It guarantees a safe and hassle-free exchange. Wall Street Memes accepts a variety of payment methods to satisfy investors’ different choices, including USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20) and credit cards.
  3. If the goal is to buy $WSM coins using a credit card, either select the USDT option or submit a crypto wallet address.

Wall Street Memes community-driven initiative

Wall Street Memes is a token worth keeping an eye on because of its influencer endorsements and creative roadmap ambitions, which establish it as a genuine challenger in the battle to produce the next cryptocurrency billionaires. See our guide to the best memecoins to buy here.

The Wall Street Memes community, with over 1 million followers, creates a solid foundation for the memecoin’s growth. $WSM’s major strength is its sophisticated tokenomics. It is built to handle one of the most difficult difficulties for memecoins, which is a limited lifespan.

$WSM tokenomics

Tokenomics-wise, the Wall Street Memes Token holds up fairly well. With an emphasis on community above profit, all available tokens will be used to support the Wall Street Memes community. There’s no undercover operation reserving seats for a select group of fans or distributing players to a single club.

50% token pre-sale to provide early investors an opportunity to get in on the action. The remaining 30% will go toward community prizes, increasing the probability that token holders will receive airdrops. In addition, 10% is set aside to cover liquidity needs on both CEX and DEX (central and decentralized exchanges).

$WSM wide community

Any meme project with a million users will quickly gain popularity, which will increase its worth. Wall Street Memes has a large and active following across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Reddit, which suggests well for the WSM token’s potential to have a profound impact on the financial services industry.

And with a population of over a million, it can expect any meme initiative to quickly gain traction, utility, and value. See our guide to the best low market cap crypto to buy here.

$WSM roadmap

There will be a rather simple roadmap available for Wall Street Memes’ crypto project. There are now 30 stages in the token presale, with the price of $WSM rising with each stage. When all have been sold, the presale is over. It’s feasible that a cryptocurrency presale like the Wall Street Memes will result in significant gains in 2023.

Markets will begin trading $WSM after the presale event. It is highly likely that the project will be listed on major exchanges like Binance due to the tremendous influence of the community. See our guide to the best crypto ICOs to invest in here.

$WSM $50,000 airdrop

The project is gaining attention by establishing an airdrop program for crypto fans. It’s important to note that Wall Street Memes will split $WSM worth $50,000 among five lucky people at the end of the airdrop. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

In addition to the fact that participating in an airdrop costs nothing, one lucky winner will receive $10,000 worth of $WSM, which could encourage a large number of individuals to take part. Please be aware that there are requirements for participating in the airdrop.

Each participant must also follow the meme project’s official Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram accounts. Once again, everyone who wants in must go to the project’s website, buy $WSM tokens, and prove they bought them. See our Wall Street Memes price prediction here.


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