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Crypto Influencer’s Mysterious Death Sends Shockwaves through Argentina

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Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires: this is the location where the dismembered remains of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a prominent crypto influencer, were discovered inside a red suitcase. Two children playing football stumbled upon the body parts, which appeared to have been cleanly chopped. This gruesome find occurred on July 23, shortly after Algaba had been reported missing on July 19. Tragically, the body displayed evidence of two bullet wounds, indicating a violent end.

As investigators examined the scene, they found Algaba’s legs and a forearm within the suitcase, while a complete arm was discovered in the nearby stream. The dismembered torso and head were also subsequently found, prompting suspicions that the mutilation had been carried out with a level of expertise, possibly by a professional.

Identification of the remains was confirmed through a four-letter tattoo found on a hand, and later verified by fingerprint analysis. Algaba, also known as ‘Lechuga’ (Lettuce), was known to be heavily in debt, and the autopsy revealed that he had been killed by two shots fired into his back region.

Following the discovery, a suspect was apprehended and brought to court. The investigation also revealed that the murder weapon was found in a suitcase belonging to the suspect. While it is unclear whether the suspect was directly linked to the attack, they were found to possess the suitcase used in the crime.

Hello, mum, I needed to clear my head as always. And from here, I am realising two things: that we can’t escape from problems and that problems will follow us.

In the days leading up to his disappearance, Algaba had sent and received over 200 hostile messages, with one individual demanding repayment of a debt amounting to approximately $70,000. These messages indicated that Algaba was perceived as “poisonous” and had allegedly betrayed the debtor. Furthermore, additional messages referred to two other men whom Algaba supposedly owed money.

In an audio clip to his mom, he expressed his distress at the problems he was facing: ‘from here, I am realising two things: that we can’t escape from problems and that problems will follow us’.

Significant Debts Despite Social Media Appearances

It has been revealed that the late influencer had faced financial difficulties, and his company, Motors Lettuce SRL, had accumulated significant debts. It was reported that he had incurred irrevocable debts with the Argentine tax agency. A note found on his phone revealed his losses from cryptocurrency investments.

Despite his financial struggles, Algaba projected a life of luxury on social media, boasting about his high-end cars, jet skis, and exclusive parties to his 918,000 followers on Instagram. However, his posts also hinted at distress and concern over malevolent individuals seeking to harm him.

Algaba’s journey to wealth began humbly, selling sandwiches and delivering pizzas in his hometown. He then progressed to buying and repairing vehicles, eventually venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies and stock market investments. He achieved remarkable success, amassing a vast collection of luxury vehicles.

The circumstances surrounding Algaba’s death remained unclear, but a woman reported that she had planned to meet him on July 19 to return the keys to an apartment she rented from him. However, Algaba failed to show up for the meeting.

This tragic death of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a crypto influencer, sent shockwaves through Argentina. The investigation into his murder continues, and the authorities are diligently pursuing leads to apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime. Algaba’s rags-to-riches journey and the mysteries surrounding his death have captured the attention of the public, leaving many in mourning for the untimely loss of the man known as ‘Lechuga.’

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