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Crypto Experts are Accumulating This New Crypto Before It Lists on Exchanges – What Do They Know?

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It is evident that cryptocurrencies of all sizes are starting to look like excellent investments once again, thanks to the increase in bullish sentiments globally. Despite several instances that could bring down the prices on a macroeconomic level, investors seem to be hopeful for a bull run resulting in massive profits from certain cryptocurrencies. The latest and most popular among these crypto is LHINU, which a number of crypto experts have supposedly been stocking up on.

Current Market Condition

Since January, Bitcoin has risen by more than 65%, with the current price looming around the $27,500 range. However, there have been several economic catalysts that have affected the market negatively, like the recent downfall of several banks, interest rate hikes etc. This surely caused the price of cryptocurrencies to stunt to an extent. However, most of these blockchain assets have managed to regain strength almost every time, giving investors hope.

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Naturally, an increase in prices also gave rise to a growth in the number of projects being introduced to the industry. As seen historically, a majority of these projects have turned out to be cash-grab opportunities for developers, except for some notable alternatives, one among them being Love Hate Inu.

But what is the project all about and why has it been gaining such high levels of attention despite being launched recently? To find out, let us take a look at an overview of the project and its current status.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love hate Inu is one of the latest memecoin projects to enter the industry in 2023. It has undoubtedly started gaining major traction, thanks to its memecoin status. However, the developers have managed to position Love Hate Inu as something more than a simple memecoin project with little to no fundamental value. Infact, it boasts of a major use case and is being marketed by the team based on this exact factor too, unlike most of its memecoin counterparts.

The meme cryptocurrency essentially rewards users for their participation in various polls which is its main selling point. By owning LHINU(Love Hate Inu’s native token) and voting in polls, users can earn lucrative rewards. However, to be eligible for voting, users must hold and stake LHINU tokens for a minimum of 30 days, with higher volumes of staked tokens increasing their voting power.

Welcome to Love Hate Inu

The voting process is anonymous, and poll topics range from engaging and catchy to more serious subjects. Only LHINU token owners can vote in polls to prevent fraudulent activity and misconduct during the voting process. Currently, the Love Hate Inu team creates the polls, but the project plans to enable all community members to create polls in the future.

Beyond its role as a voting platform, Love Hate Inu claims that it seeks to foster an environment where individuals can freely express their opinions. The project mentioned on several media platforms that it aspires to create a community that values and rewards diverse perspectives.

Why are Crypto Experts Accumulating Love Hate Inu?

It is no surprise that top crypto experts start injecting funds into the market when it is still at dull price points. While they surely invest in major coins with good potential, a majority of these experts research projects that they consider to be hidden gems. These kinds of cryptocurrencies are usually small market cap projects that may have massive potential in terms of value. They also try to scour the market for projects in their early days, since this is usually the best time to invest in them.

Love Hate Inu is undeniably a project that has been proving to its community the quality its products aim to bring into existence. The concept of getting clear statistics and data-driven values or opinions is embedded in the online survey industry which is already worth more than $3.2 billion. As a project that can potentially replace the traditional means of gathering data, Love Hate Inu inherently holds a major advantage over other projects in terms of growth.

All these reasons have caused the demand for LHINU tokens to skyrocket. Infact, influential figures in the crypto investing space and popular crypto YouTubers like Jacob Bury have also started endorsing the project, as it appeals to a majority of the citizenry which understands exactly what Love Hate Inu could achieve in the upcoming years.

About LHINU’s Ongoing Presale

The utility token of Love Hate Inu is what powers the project’s overall ecosystem. From staking to rewards, everything is dealt with in the form of LHINU tokens which makes it an integral part of the initiative.

The Love Hate Inu team is selling 90% of the LHINU tokens in their presale to ensure that a majority of LHINU’s supply is distributed to community members who believe in the project. With investors looking to stock up on the crypto as soon as possible, the ongoing presale has seen a massive surge in demand, as mentioned above. One LHINU token is currently priced at $0.000095, which is set to increase as the presale progresses and crosses each stage. At the time of writing, more than $1.9 million has been raised, thanks to the increasing popularity of the project.


As a memecoin that also features an innovative use case, Love Hate Inu can be speculated to be a top gainer in the upcoming months after it gets launched officially. Investors may, however, need to start buying LHINU tokens as soon as possible to take advantage of the discounted prices available during the ongoing presale.

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