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Copium Price Prediction – Next 10x Meme Coin?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Copium is a recently developed, straight-to-DEX meme coin project that has already garnered excitement in the crypto space due to its potential benefits.

$COPIUM tokens are now available to purchase on Uniswap, following a highly successful presale that attracted some big names in the crypto world.

What is Copium?

Copium is an exceptional, engaging, and innovative meme cryptocurrency that combines humor, equality, and the potential for financial benefit. The project is based on the idea of “coping” with missed opportunities and FOMO in the world of cryptocurrencies by providing entertaining and financial incentives through tokenomics and exclusive airdrop offerings.

Copium also caught the curiosity of investors due to its robust tokenomics, promoted invite-only presale, and NFT drop, as well as its fair launch, which allowed individuals who missed the presale to avoid being dumped.

The NFT collection has yet to be revealed, but it has already gathered 30 ETH in volume on OpenSea, with the bulk of those who were airdropped holding until the revelation. With such high volume and community interest, significant exchange listings are likely in the near future, causing the price to skyrocket even further.

Copium price prediction – Emerges as a new contender in the crypto arena after 800% surge

With Pepe Coin’s demise and current challenges, the stage is set for new rivals to emerge. One of these rivals, as previously mentioned, is Copium ($COPIUM), which many believe might be the next big thing in the meme currency market.

On May 18th, the $COPIUM token was introduced on the Uniswap DEX and instantly skyrocketed by over 800% in less than four hours. With the Copium price rising in recent hours, investors are wondering what to expect from the coin in the future.

As we’ve seen with token pumps like Pepe and Sponge, meme coin pumps can keep increasing even after gaining numerous Xs. This often comes as a surprise since these coins offer no utility, leading to many investors missing the opportunity. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

Since the Copium meme coin is based on this idea as a joke, it is possible that many investors can relate to it, which is why it has become so popular so quickly. Copium also has more than 16.5k Twitter fans and has attracted some of the most influential people in its field.

Without a track record or price history, it is very hard to correctly predict the Copium price. However, based on how other popular meme coins have done recently, we can expect Copium to rise in its first few days and weeks. It hit a high of $0.01625 on day one, which was more than 1,000% higher than the price at launch.

If momentum builds with the CEX listings, it could rise to $0.025 or even higher in the coming days and weeks. Some of the biggest exchanges are LBank, MEXC, and Poloniex. Together, they do about $1.5 billion worth of trading every day and get almost 3 million visits per week.

So, a price of $0.05 to $0.1 in the next few weeks is not out of the question if the crypto community continues to rally around it and it gets some attention from the general public. But the price could also go down at some point, giving buyers a better chance to buy the coin before it keeps going up.

Why Copium is surging in popularity – Copium tokenomics

As previously said, many analysts believe the new meme coin is about to skyrocket in value. This is due to the considerable excitement it has generated on social media, where it has tens of thousands of highly engaged followers, as well as its presale, which received a lot of attention.

Its follower count has also attracted several well-known members of the crypto field, and it is thought to have attracted the interest of alpha groups. The fairness of the launch is also an important consideration, as there is no potential for a pump and dump due to its vesting.

Presale purchasers had only 10% of their bags unlocked at launch, with the remaining 90% unlocked in three weeks. This implies that investors who missed out on the presale will not be dumped on but will instead see quick and sustained development in the coming days and weeks.

Copium also boasts strong tokenomics, with a maximum supply of exactly 1 billion tokens, 30% of which were distributed during the presale. The development team has saved only 0.69% of the budget for itself, while the majority is being spent on marketing, a sign that enormous ambitions are in the works.

Copium developers have announced that 300 million tokens will be burned in the coming days. Enable Twitter notifications and join their Telegram group to stay up-to-date on the latest news, updates, and critical announcements.

The Copium website seems to be more Web3 native, and even though the team is anonymous (which is usual for meme coin crypto projects), it seems like they are crypto natives who really understand the community and can speak the same language.

The invite-only presale created a lot of excitement among crypto fans and attracted some important people in the community. FaZe Banks, a well-known YouTuber and co-founder of the FaZe Clan, was one of them. He told his 3 million Instagram fans that he was holding Copium for the long term, even though he had sold his first stake on the day it launched.

Copium’s inventors use a unique drop mechanism to harness the power of NFTs

Copium also features an NFT airdrop, which has also seen a lot of hype. Another reason the investment community is excited about Copium is its unique non-fungible token (NFT) drop mechanism, which has never been seen before in the crypto industry.

Copium’s team spotted this rising tendency and arranged for an NFT drop barely two hours following the token’s launch on Uniswap. The top 200 Copium holders after two hours were highlighted in a “snapshot” on Twitter, with all 200 receiving an NFT with a “Copium tank.”

This tank had 20 “tiers” that filled up depending on the quantity of $COPIUM tokens owned by the holder—the more Copium they owned, the fuller the tank. NFT holders have two weeks to fill up their tank as much as possible; after that, holders will be eligible for an additional $COPIUM token airdrop depending on how full their tank is.

This airdrop will yield a total of 10 million $COPIUM tokens, representing 1% of the total supply. Copium’s breakthrough NFT drop mechanism capitalizes on the thriving NFT sector by incentivizing token holders to amass an additional $COPIUM, hence actively fueling the token’s price increase.

Overall, as the Copium price rises, the community anticipates what’s ahead for the token, anticipating new highs and a disruptive impact on the meme coin scene.

Where can I buy Copium token?

Copium can be purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange (CEX or DEX) or through some cryptocurrency wallets. We usually buy Copium on cryptocurrency exchanges; most exchanges require you to create an account and verify your identity before purchasing Copium. Copium trading is presently supported by the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • MEXC Global
  • AscendEX
  • Poloniex
  • Uniswap (V3)
  • LBank

See our guide to the best coins to buy on Uniswap.

COPIUM Presale Invitation-only Event

The Copium presale, which is by invitation only, is limited to a small number of participants. You may raise your chances of receiving an invitation in various ways:

  • Early Copers – The sooner you indicate your interest, the better your chances are.
  • Social Engagement – Active participation on their social media platforms attracts their interest.
  • Meme Creation – The most effective way to indicate that you are a member of the COPIUM crew is to create an exceptional meme.

To take part of Copium presale visit


Copium is a recently released, high-potential meme coin that has the potential to skyrocket in price in the next few days and weeks. It has already generated huge hype in the crypto world and caught the curiosity of influential members of the community.

Analysts think it will be an amazing success in the very near future due to its praised presale, fair launch, and NFT drop, as well as its huge marketing budget.


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