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New Cryptocurrency Copium Launches on Uniswap – Next Wojak?

Copium token
Copium token

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The latest new coin on Uniswap, Copium (COPIUM), has been tipped by some analysts to be the next cryptocurrency to explode like similar assets Wojak (WOJAK) or Pepe (PEPE). 

Launched on Uniswap at 16:00 UTC on Thursday, May 18th, $COPIUM is an ERC-20 token with a 1 billion total supply. 30% of the supply was allocated to the Copium presale, an invite-only private sale.

What is Copium Token? Hottest New Cryptocurrency

Similar to how $PEPE, $WOJAK, $TROLL and $GEN took on the aesthetic of a popular politically charged meme known outside of cryptocurrency, $COPIUM has also adopted a widely recognized internet meme.

According to the website, ‘$COPIUM is more than just a token; it’s a movement driven by humor, fellowship, and the shared experience of navigating the unpredictable crypto landscape.’

Copium coin

Helping its holders to ‘cope’, the project has also advertised an upcoming NFT drop and airdrop awarded to the top 200 holders of the token.

Copium Price

With five minutes of its Uniswap listing, Copium token reached an $8 million market cap, currently trading for approximately $0.009 with over 1,300 holders.

View the Copium price chart on here.

Copium Club

Offering a range of NFT rewards to its community – Copium Club – the new cryptocurrency project aims to have a lasting appeal in the meme coin space, which has seen both explosive pumps and quick retraces. 

The copium or ‘cope’ meme is similar to the Chad meme, which was adopted by Generational Wealth (GEN) another new cryptocurrency that spiked over 100% today, reaching an over $20 million market cap.

Its most similar project however may be WOJAK, as it also uses the Wojak meme, which Know Your Meme describes as ‘an MS Paint illustration of a bald man with a sad expression on his face‘. The Wojak price has been in a deep correction since hitting its all time high in the first week of May.

Copium could attract the attention of investors looking for the next Wojak or low market cap meme coins in general to invest in. Trader Jacob Bury posted the video above, speculating it could be the next 10x altcoin, with little selling pressure as most of the Copium presale tokens are vested.

Influencer @MattinWeb3, who has over 100,000 followers, is also partnered with the Copium Club.

Are Meme Coins a Good Investment?

With the Bitcoin price reclaiming the $27,000 level, the total crypto market cap is up 0.58% in the past 24 hours, at $1.13 trillion.

The most trending cryptocurrency assets on CoinMarketCap continue to be dominated by meme coins that offer higher volatility than BTC or ETH, with Pepe bouncing today and Milady Meme Coin retracing after its recent over 10,000% pump.

crypto market cap

Interest in meme tokens was strengthed further last week when Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun tweeted to his 3.4 million followers that he will begin publicly trading meme coins and ‘promising projects’.

Buying meme coins early in their roadmap tends to offer the highest upside potential.

The Copium crypto project’s official Twitter @copiumdrop quickly grew to over 15,000 followers, with the tagline ‘Cope Harder – Missed Pepe, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu? Join the $COPIUM movement.’

Its Telegram group also now has over 1,600 members.

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