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$COPIUM New Crypto Meme Coin 1,000% Incoming? Missed Pepe Coin?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Copium New Crypto Meme Coin
Copium New Crypto Meme Coin

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A community-driven token that aims to turn regrets into riches, Copium is holding their exclusive COPIUM presale event for their early supporters. Engaging with them on their social media channels is highly recommended, as active participation in the community is one of the main factors considered for presale invites.

What is Copium

Copium is an unique captivating, and cutting-edge meme cryptocurrency that combines humor, fairness, and the possibility of financial advantages. The idea behind the project is to help people “coping” with FOMO and lost chances in the cryptocurrency world while also providing amusement and valuable rewards through its tokenomics and unique Airdrop offerings.

A movement fueled by humor, fellowship, and the shared experience of navigating the unpredictably changing crypto market, COPIUM is more than just a token. By converting previous cryptocurrency missteps into future gains, our community-driven token attempts to turn your regrets into wealth.

Incorporating resilience, laughter, and a healthy dose of trolling, COPIUM portrays the genuine essence of the internet with the help of their team of meme experts and crypto fans. We’re here to demonstrate that, even if you bought the top, laughter can indeed make you wealthy.

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COPIUM Presale Invitation-only Event

A limited number of participants are permitted access to the COPIUM presale, which is by invitation only. There are several ways you can use to improve your chances of receiving an invitation:

  1. Early Copers – The earlier you express interest, the greater your chances.
  2. Social Engagement – Active participation on their social media platforms can catch their attention.
  3. Meme Creation – A creative meme is the best way to show that you are a member of the COPIUM crew.

NFT & Airdrop: A Three-stage Cope Journey

Their three-stage, one-of-a-kind NFT airdrop rewards their top COPIUM holders. Here is a brief explanation:

Stage One – The Snapshot

You must be one among the top 200 COPIUM holders to be eligible for the NFT airdrop. Based on the number of tokens stored in your address, this. They’ll take a snapshot two hours after launch, and if your rank is among the top 200, you’ll receive both the NFT and an airdrop of COPIUM tokens.

Stage Two – The Tank Filling

In order to reflect how much COPIUM you own, each airdropped NFT has a COPIUM tank that fills up in 20 tiers (in 5% increments). Every few hours, your NFT’s metadata and visuals will be updated to reflect the fluctuating level of your tank. This phase lasts for two weeks.

Stage Three – Claim Your Airdrop

It’s time to use your NFT, which is still yours to retain, to claim your COPIUM airdrop. Your COPIUM tank’s capacity, or the amount of tokens you own multiplied by the length of time you’ve held them, determines how much of an airdrop you’ll receive.

Find the full Copium crypto meme coin review in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury manage a Discord channel with nearly 13,000 members, where users get trading tips and learn about the upcoming crypto presales.

Copium Tokenomics

  • Presale – 30%
  • Liquidity Pool – 25%
  • Marketing – 33.31%
  • Airdrop – 1%
  • Team – 0.69%
  • Future Developments and Partnerships – 10%

Copium developers have stated that they will shortly burn 300 million tokens. To keep informed of the most recent news, updates, and important announcements, be sure to enable Twitter notifications and join their Telegram group.

Token Unlocking Structure

  • 10% of your presale tokens are immediately unlocked, giving you a quick opportunity to recover your initial stake.
  • Over the course of three weeks, the remaining 90% of your tokens will gradually become available.

By preventing presale buyers from selling their tokens off right away, this unlocking mechanism protects market buyers from a possible price decline. It’s a crucial component of their dedication to making sure that the launch is fair and giving their investors’ safety top priority.

How to Buy COPIUM

  1. Create wallet – Get a free download of Metamask or your preferred wallet from the app store or Google Play store. Download the extension for your preferred browser if you’re a desktop user.
  2. Get some ETH – You can exchange your ETH for COPIUM if you have it in your wallet. If you don’t already have any ETH, you can either purchase it directly through Metamask, transfer funds from another wallet, or purchase ETH on another exchange and send it to your preferred wallet.
  3. Swap ETH for COPIUM – Link up with Uniswap. Access and link your wallet there. Copy the right COPIUM token address, choose COPIUM, then confirm in Uniswap. When Metamask asks you to sign your wallet, do so. Transform your ETH into COPIUM. You don’t need to worry about buying with a specified slippage because they have zero taxes, yet you might need to employ slippage when the market is volatile.

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Is it Safe to Buy COPIUM?

Even if there is some risk associated with any tokens, COPIUM is committed to provide its community a safe and open space. Their team is made up of skilled developers and pioneers in the field. To assure the project’s safety, they put in place a variety of measures of safety.

Since the COPIUM presale is a limited, invitation-only event created to provide early backers with a chance to acquire tokens before to the project’s launch. As active community participation is one of the primary variables taken into account for presale invites, we highly recommend connecting with them on their social platforms to boost your chances of receiving an invitation.

So join the COPIUM movement if you’re prepared to accept FOMO, deal with your prior crypto blunders, and earn from them. They’ll transform coping into a productive tactic so that you never miss out again. To take part of COPIUM presale visit


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