Coinbase may no Longer Offer the DApp Browser on its Wallet

After Google’s ban of MetaMask clients from Google PlayStore, it seems Coinbase may no longer have the DApp browser on its wallet, as apple may no longer offer such a service.

In a recently published post on Reddit, U.S. based crypto exchange, Coinbase, informed users that it would be taking off the DApp browser application from its wallet. According to Coinbase, it was forced to take this decision because the company would go against the policy of Apple Mobile Store if it decides to keep the DApp browser in place.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, stated in a recent post that it’s rather unfortunate that Apple would be taking off the DApp applications from its App store. According to him, Coinbas does not have any influence this, and the company is sorry it’s happening at a time like this. As a result of this exclusion, other wallets like Metamask, Argent, and Trust are also affected.

Coinbase faulting Apple’s store policy

Armstrong has expressed his opinion on the development. According to him, it’s rather sad that many people are going to be denied access to such an important application on the Apple Store because of Apple’s store policy.

According to him, the DApp browser is a vital, innovative area in finance. It has helped millions of early developers and adopters of the technology gain cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars. He said these cryptocurrencies are tied up to the applications, which may not be available to them.

According to Armstrong, this development is certainly a huge setback in the ecosystem. He further advised that those who want to use the DApp on Apple’s mobile device should request from Apple to enable such an application.

Crypto Trading Banned On Apple’s Credit Card

Censorship an organized attempt to wade off competition

The news of the Coinbase DApp removal is coming shortly after Google banned MetaMask from its Andriod App portal on Google PlayStore. Google gave a reason for the ban, stating that mobile mining goes against the policy terms of PlayStore. Even after MetaMask appealed, Google still upheld the ban. MetaMask tweeted about Google’s decision at the time, stating that Google said it’s against TOS to mine on android apps.

But Omar Bham, a cryptocurrency influencer, opined that the block is intended to offer protection for the company’s businesses over decentralized competitors. On December 28, Omar stated in a tweet that the censorship was imminent since Web3 is competing directly with Apple and Google. On that note, people should expect more censorship on Dapp, Coinbase, and MetaMask browsers on those platforms.

On December 23, some cryptocurrency stakeholders claimed that YouTube censored their content. However, after several complaints from many influencers on the issue, Google restored their sites. But many of the affected site owners said Google has not yet restored their videos.

YouTube restored the videos two days later, stating discrepancies in the review process as the reason for the censorship. After the incident, many content creators and developers began to offer decentralized sharing services.

From the recent ban of Coinbase DApp from the AppStore, some crypto influencers believe that such censorship is to wade off Google’s and Apple’s competitors.

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