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Coca Cola NFT: Everything that you need to know

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In late July 2021, Coca decided to take a sip of the NFT pond with a glaring success. After auctioning its first NFT online over the course of three days, the soft drink giant made a whopping $575,883.61.

Sporting a friendly box modelled after the “loot boxes” of the gaming world, the Coca Cola NFT has proved what has always been true – the NFT is here to stay.

“Coca Cola is one of the most collectible brands in the world with a shared heritage with consumers seeking simple joys.” – said Selman Careaga, President of Global Coca-Cola.

So, it seems that the world’s favourite soft drink is now trying to penetrate the virtual hearts of gamers. But what drove Coca Cola to dive into the sea of Non Fungible Tokens? Where is this NFT heading?

What are the features that make it stand apart? And will, like the soft drink, the NFT continue to delight, or will it fizzle out like the same later?

Let’s find out the answers here, where you will learn everything that you need to know about Coca Cola NFT.

Why did Coca Cola dove into the sea of Non-Fungible Tokens?

The soft drink behemoth launched the Coca Cola NFT with a charitable desire: for the benefit of the Special Olympics International (SOI). In addition to being its long-time partner, SOI is an association aiding the company to meet its goal-driven Corporate Social responsibility.

Continuing about the rich history of Coca Cola with the consumers, Selman Careaga commented, “Our excitement about our first NFT knows no bounds. We are now entering the Metaverse, where our goal is to forge new friends in these new worlds.”

Emphasizing that each aspect of the Coca Cola Brand will have a reflection in the virtual world, Careaga continued that” We are reinterpreting the core aspects of Coca Cola in exciting ways.”

The Coca Cola NFT’s goal seems to be pretty straightforward. Penetrating a virtual world of Decentraland with the aid of Tafi – developer of branded digital content and personalized avatars – and evolving the brand even further in this era of blockchain.

However, the reasons for this launch seem to be much deeper than this. They seek to advance the 150 years of heritage the soft drink giant has developed into the virtual world.

And, just like Coca Cola, the dynamic NFT’s that the company is developing can be enjoyed by the players over a continuous period.

Where is the Coca Cola NFT heading in the future?

Having auctioned its initial offerings at a whopping $575,883.61, it seems that a rising growth trajectory is what the brand is seeking.

Following that auction, Coca Cola again made the news on December 2021 with its launch of the second NFT collection – a set of four branded NFTs through an App-based marketplace of digital collectibles, Veve.

That day, the soft drink giant introduced thousands of lots, totalling $1,000,000.

There is a certain spring in Coca Cola’s step with each of its strides towards growth within the NFT sector. So, we hope for more such NFTs from it shortly.

If NFTs peak your interest, finding out how to buy an NFT is a must for you.

What makes Coca Cola NFT different from the rest?

The Charitable NFT aspect that Coca Cola has indulged with is nothing new. It’s the same with most of the big brands that have jumped into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

However, Coca Cola NFT has an X factor working for it.

Firstly, Coca Cola has designed this NFT to take the branded experience to the next level. Through its partnership with TAFI, a developer of personalized avatar and branded digital content, the soft drink giant introduced a “friendship box” – modelled after the “loot box” – with the following goodies inside it:

  1. Friendship box: It is a vintage coca cola cooler complete with motion and illumination enhancements. Not only that, the “living light” vortex it sports visually connects all of the other NFTs in the package.
  2. The Coca Cola Jacket: The Coca Cola Jacket is a wearable, illuminated bubble jacket that gives subtle nods to coca cola’s delivery uniforms. Alongside a standard collectible version, an unlockable variant is also available in Decentraland – a 3D virtual reality gaming platform that has recently set the benchmark of what an NFT could be.
  3. Sound Visualizer: The sound visualizer sports the “fizz” sound of the soft drink being poured in a glass and a “pop” sound when the bottle opens. The NFT does it through the living iteration of Coca Cola red disk -visualizing these audio cues.
  4. The friendship cart: The friendship cart is a new spin on the 1948 artwork of the Coca Cola trading cards from the early 90s. Adding to that X-factor are the motions and other 3D features that the card sports.

In addition to the above, the soft drink company gave the winner of the bid a real-life Coca Cola refrigerator – The SMEG FAB28.

On Tafi, one can purchase each NFTs separately.

How can you buy Coca Cola NFT?

Here are the steps to purchase Coca Cola NFT:

  1. Go to the official TAFI portal:
  2. Select the Coca Cola NFT
  3. The site with direct you to Choose to purchase any of the following five items.
    1. The wearable Coca Cola Bubble Jacket
    2. Sound Visualizer
    3. Friendship
    4. Vintage Cooler
    5. And the shareable Coca Cola Bubble Jacket
  4. You can buy or “Make an offer” using many available options. Metamask is the most popular among those options.

However, take care, because like all the branded NFTs, buying these is an expensive affair.

The wearable jacket alone is 500ETH ($1,510,115).

Final Words

Coca Cola NFT is here to stay. Since its launch, the soft drink giant has become one of the biggest branded NFT seller in the market. And judging from what we have seen so far, it is just the beginning.

The wearable aspect of the bubble Jacket alone is worth the price of admission. So, yeah, it is not one of those NFTs that will fizzle out soon.

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