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NFL All Day NFTs: All The Things You Need To Know

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The National Football League (NFL) is always ready to treat its fans with a new offering.

Whether its the merchandise, games, video highlights or anything else, the League has always been the one that caters to its fans with complete enthusiasm and engagement.

So, when the NFL got a chance to develop an NFT collection for its fans, they straightway went for it, without losing much time.

The NFT collection was to be curated and managed by DapperLabs, the same company that helped create NBA Top Shots. Dapper Labs joined the NFL parade at NFL and decided to replicate the success it achieved with its efforts at NBA. So much so, it had the same thing on offer.

So, what are the NFL non-fungible token collection all about? Should you care about them? Let’s find out.

NFL All Day NFTs: What’s Out Yet?

The announcement for the NFL All Day NFTs came on September 29, 2021, when Dapper Labs and NFL alongwith National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) came together to announce the final release of the All Day NFTs.

The announcement was made on the official NFL website. However, after the announcement was made, all that there is for the NFT enthusiasts is a website and a Discord available. This reason has left many people wondering about the project’s stage.

“The all-new digital collectibles give NFL fans the unique opportunity to collect and own NFTs featuring some of the greatest and the most talked about in-game Moments from leading players week-to-week throughout the season,” this is what the release on the official NFL announcement mentioned.

However, when it comes to the final release of the NFT collection, there isn’t any information on the same as and when this article was published, as on 11th January 2022.

But, there’s a ‘Join The Waitlist’ button at the bottom that helps you gain access to the NFT drop. Upon clicking on the button, you are redirected to a sign up page where you can register yourself for the drop.

What’s in Store For You?

The collection from Dapper Labs is similar to NBA Top Shots when it comes to what’s on offer.

The NFL All Day NFTs pack consists of a series of videos of the best NFL highlights that will be saved on the Flow blockchain technology for life.

About Dapper Labs

The company behind the NFL All Day NFTs is called Dapper Labs, and it has quite a resumé when it comes to creating NFTs and managing its execution.

Dapper Labs is also the company behind one of the world’s most famous and oldest NFTs which was popularized into the mainstream world – Crypto Kitties, in 2017. While that was a feather in their hats, there was a catch. The NFT crashed the Ethereum blockchain. This led the company to make a decision that defined them for the future.

Dapper Labs decided to come up with their own Flow blockchain technology, that in many ways stood superior to Ethereum.

The new technology did work in their favour. One of the most important benefit of the Flow blockchain is that it is gasless, i.e. the customers don’t need to pay for each transaction. Furthermore, Flow was designed to conduct upwards of 10,000 transactions per second,that added to its reliability and image.

Since then, Dapper Labs has worked with some of the top names of the world, like UFC, NFL, La Liga, and Warner Music Group, to create and optimise digital collectibles for them.

Alongwith their own blockchain technology, Dapper Labs also introduced its own NFT wallet. This wallet was helpful in conducting transactions for every NFT that is present on the Flow blockchain technology. So, this means that the funds you might use on NBA Top Shots, can also be used for NFL All Day NFTs.


It’s been quite evident why certain brands and organizations look upto Non fungible tokens.

Collections like the NBA Top Shot or the NFL All Day NFT are a testament to the fact that the NFT technology might just be here for the longer run. But, the caveat is- utility.

Brands and organizations need to figure out the perfect reason why they want to launch an NFT. If done correctly, they might do wonders as a tool of engagement, interaction and serving a purpose. However, can turn out to be a disaster if the only evident goal turns out to be “getting on with the trend”.

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