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Cilinix Crypto Dives into Two New Crypto Presales – 99Bitcoins and Mega Dice

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Cilinix Crypto Dives into Two New Crypto Presales - 99Bitcoins and Mega Dice
Cilinix Crypto Dives into Two New Crypto Presales - 99Bitcoins and Mega Dice

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In a recent video by Cilinix Crypto, the spotlight was on analyzing two new presales: 99Bitcoins (99BTC) and Mega Dice (DICE).

Before we delve into the details of each presale, it’s important to recognize the current sentiment. Despite doubts about the legitimacy of presales, recent wins have shown their potential for profit.

The launches of projects like Meme Kombat, Scotty the AI, Green Bitcoin, and Dogecoin20 have resulted in gains, confirming the effectiveness of engaging with presales.

Now, let’s dig into these ventures and understand why they are being considered as potential investment opportunities.

99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins, a prominent media platform, has launched a presale for its native cryptocurrency, the 99Bitcoins token (99BTC), and has raised $700k in its initial days. Investors still have the opportunity to purchase tokens at the presale price of $0.00102, with rates set to gradually increase.

With a presale limit of $10.3 million, investors aim to acquire discounted $99BTC tokens before later phases. The token fuels the innovative Learn-to-Earn platform, which rewards users for participating in crypto education. A multi-stage structure ensures that the price of $99BTC increases as specific funding milestones are achieved.

The third stage of the presale has recently begun, providing tokens that can be bought using ETH, USDT, BNB, or fiat currencies via debit or credit card. Alternatively, potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy 99Bitcoins tokens here.

The pioneering Learn-to-Earn model encourages users to gain knowledge about cryptocurrency while providing tangible benefits to token holders. You can check our $99BTC price prediction for reference to its future value.

Additionally, 99Bitcoins plans to gamify the Learn-to-Earn experience to inject excitement and competition, rewarding users who successfully complete challenges and educational modules with higher rankings and more $99BTC tokens.

The project speculates on the potential impact of Bitcoin halving events and boasts a broad audience across multiple platforms. Tokenomics allocates 10.5% of tokens for the presale, 14% for staking rewards, and portions for development, community rewards, liquidity, and marketing.

An ongoing airdrop campaign offers participants the chance to win free Bitcoin from a $99,999 BTC prize pool, with over 4,120 entries recorded. Presale participants also stand to benefit from holding $99BTC tokens, with further details available on the 99Bitcoins website.

To participate in the $99BTC token presale, visit

Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice, a well-known blockchain casino, recently unveiled its proprietary cryptocurrency, $DICE, through a presale, rapidly amassing $460,000 in investments. This move aims to stimulate expansion and enhance the ecosystem with innovative utility and tokenomics for sustained prosperity.

Accessible on Solana, Ethereum, and BSC networks, the presale extends inclusivity to a diverse investor base, offering $DICE at an introductory price of $0.069, which will gradually rise as the campaign progresses. You can explore our simple guide on how to buy $DICE token here.

Notably, 6.6 million $DICE tokens have already been purchased, supported by transparent tokenomics that allocate a total supply of 420,000,000 $DICE tokens across various segments such as presale, player airdrops, liquidity pool, casino $DICE pool, staking rewards, marketing/KOL deals, and affiliates.

Leveraging its established online casino brand boasting 50,000 active players and $50 million in monthly wagers, Mega Dice seamlessly integrates cryptocurrency, facilitating deposits and wagers in leading digital assets.

Offering an array of games and enticing bonuses, Mega Dice enhances its platform with the $DICE token presale, providing holders with exclusive benefits including staking rewards, NFTs, revenue share, referral bonuses, and airdrops.

The project adopts a phased approach, starting with the presale and marketing phase, followed by direct token distribution, liquidity pool establishment, staking rewards rollout, and ultimately, DEX listing for streamlined trading and liquidity provision.

This strategic roadmap aims to ensure a fair and transparent launch process while maximizing benefits for $DICE holders and fostering community engagement and growth. You can review our $DICE price prediction for reference to its future value.

For further details on the presale, refer to the Mega Dice whitepaper. Additionally, stay updated by following Mega Dice on X and joining the Mega Dice Telegram channel.

To participate in the $DICE token presale, visit


Crypto presales present significant upside potential for early investors who support promising projects. These events typically afford investors the opportunity to acquire new tokens at discounted rates and may even include exclusive incentives.

Despite ongoing doubts about presales, Cilinix Crypto highlights the recent launches of two projects with considerable promise: 99Bitcoins and Mega Dice.

99Bitcoins, a notable media platform, introduces a distinctive Learn-to-Earn model with its $99BTC token, while Mega Dice, an established online casino, incorporates cryptocurrency into its $DICE token presale.

Both initiatives showcase innovative elements and strategic tokenomics, making them attractive investment prospects for cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking potential returns.


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