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China Uses Blockchain-Based Identification For Smart Cities

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China Uses Blockchain-Based Identification For Smart Cities
China Uses Blockchain-Based Identification For Smart Cities

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China has just launched an identification system that will be employed in its smart cities. The innovative system makes use of blockchain and is aimed at improving data sharing and connectivity among and between its smart cities.

China has developed a blockchain-based identification system that will be put to use in its smart cities. The development of the system has been attributed to a trio of institutes located in Shijiazhuang city. The system reportedly to employs a unique and global digital ID system that will be assigned to all the smart cities in the county.

According to Zhang Chao, who directs the Zhongguancun Industry and Information Research Institute of Two-dimensional Code Technology that helped develop the system, this is a uniquely Chinese invention. The system will according to him be independently and uniquely managed/distributed by China itself. It will also possess a distribution rule that’s as unified as can be, as well as a distributed storage resolution and an innovative code that is purposely designed to resist tampering.

Smart Cities For The Smart Life!

Smart city development in China began recently and has accelerated at great speed. The country is ahead of most parts of the world in the construction and development of smart cities and appears to attach much importance to such cities. Indeed, Deloitte reports that China as of 2018 has around 500 smart city pilot projects. This is more than most other countries.

Pilot smart city development began in China in 2012, while construction began in 2016. China aims to have a minimum of 100 smart cities ready by 2020. This ambitious goal is likely to be met and might be surpassed.

Smart Cities Meet Blockchain

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Apart from smart cities, the Middle Kingdom has also been eagerly tapping into blockchain technology. This is eagerly supported by the Chinese government, which sees blockchain as offering unrivaled flexibility and advantages. In October this year, Xi Jinping the Chinese president publicly expressed his support for blockchain, asserting that his country aims to lead the rest of the world in blockchain use and development and will put in place structures to bring about this outcome.

China is also reportedly about to launch its digital currency. This came about following no less than 5 years of R&D and will be used on a national level. Given the Chinese population, the launch and adoption of this digital currency have the potential of making it the most used digital platform on earth.

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