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Another “Faketoshi” Claims He Co-Founded Bitcoin and Owns 250,000 BTC

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Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto

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Satoshi Nakamoto is a legendary figure of mystery within the cryptocurrency industry. It’s completely unknown who Satoshi Nakamoto truly is or if the pseudonym is in fact a handle for multiple developers of the world-changing Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The name Nakamoto is held in high regards to everyone in the industry. Nakamoto is theorized to own around 700,000 BTC, or just under $6.5 billion when converted to USD today.

Many Theories and Claimants

As one would imagine, many people have tried to solve the Satoshi Mystery with suspects ranging far and wide in the IT industry. Some people claim the Nakamoto title for themselves and think that they can gain wealth and prestige trying to fill shoes so very, incredibly too big for them. As one would imagine, none of these claimants ever managed to definitively prove they were Satoshi.

The latest claimant is a German by the name of Jörg Molt. He’s been claiming to be part of Satoshi Nakamoto for a while now, but it all came to a head at the Vegas Blockchain Week.

Molt’s Exposure

The cryptocurrency gathering was situated in Las Vegas. It had everything the Crypto industry had to offer: Entrepreneurs, Bitcoin maximalists, altcoin activists, altcoin shills, and crypto influencers. Among all those people stood Jörg Molt.

Before it all came to a head, Jörg’s Twitter handle was “@bitcoin_cofound” and his biography stated that he was the “co-founder of BitCoin.” He claimed that he owned 250,000 BTC that amounts to just under $2.5 billion.

Kenneth Bosak is a cryptocurrency commentator and the only reason Jörg is in as much trouble as he is now. For a long time, Jörg could just float under the radar, impressing novices and minor leagues who don’t know enough about Satoshi or are simply too naive for their own good. Bosak confronted him on a twitter video during one of the Blockchain Week’s events, the World Crypto Con. Bosak himself has a history of raising awareness of scammers, being kicked out of Consensus for doing just that. The man can be hot-headed, but his intentions are pure enough.

Smoke and Mirrors Crumbling Down

Bosak’s video went viral among the crypto community and Jörg’s Twitter profile vanished quickly after that. The false Satoshi quickly lost whatever flimsy credibility he had after being put in the spotlight, with several others openly declaiming Jörg being a fraud.

Satoshi Nakamoto has taken great pains to hide from the world. If Satoshi wanted to come out, they would have already. There is hope that Satoshi’s real identity will come out in time, but frauds like these could only dream of possessing half of Satoshi Nakamoto’s intelligence.

Please be careful about puffed-up balls of air like Jörg Molt. People who achieved something like Satoshi Nakamoto do not flaunt it in every possible chance of conversation. They do not gloat about how much money they have. Satoshi Nakamoto is the kind of person or group the Crypto industry will likely never know the identity of, and that mystery adds to Bitcoin’s appeal just so slightly.

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