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ChatGPT Bullish Price Forecast For The New Cryptocurrency – $WSM

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

ChatGPT Bullish Price Forecast For The New Cryptocurrency - $WSM
ChatGPT Bullish Price Forecast For The New Cryptocurrency - $WSM

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The Wall Street Memes project executed an exceptionally successful presale, swiftly emerging as one of the most eagerly anticipated launches among new meme coins this year.

The team initiated a presale for their native token, $WSM, at the end of May, securing a substantial sum of over $29 million from early backers. As the $WSM presale enters its closing phase, potential investors have a final opportunity to acquire the token at the price of $0.0337 before its official listing in less than a week.

Community-Centric Strategy of Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes is a prominent online retail investing community that gained fame during the meme stock craze of 2021. Recently, it has expanded its presence in the cryptocurrency sphere by launching a new presale for its associated $WSM token.

This presale is reminiscent of the highly successful Wall Street Bulls NFT collection minted in 2021, which generated $2.5 million and sold out in just 32 minutes. Born out of the 2021 movement where small investors united against Wall Street, Wall Street Memes has amassed over a million followers on various social media platforms.

Even Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and X (formerly Twitter), has engaged with their page, further increasing their visibility in the crypto community. Unlike many meme coins with limited utility, Wall Street Memes offers a significant feature known as staking.

Staking enables token holders to earn rewards by locking their tokens into a pool, which can positively influence the token’s price by promoting holding and reducing selling pressure. At present, roughly 360 million tokens are actively staked, offering an approximate annualized percentage yield of 54%.

The extended token unlocking schedule and a minimum seven-day locking period contribute to the project’s long-term sustainability, differentiating it from typical meme coins that often experience rapid crashes.

The Wall Street Memes token’s team is well-versed in brand-building in the modern finance era, aligning with its mission to empower little investors. Importantly, 100% of the token supply is reserved for the Wall Street Memes community, with no undisclosed private sale or team allocation.

Of the token supply, 50% is available in the presale, 10% for centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity, 10% for decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, and the remaining 30% is designated for community incentives, including the staking pool and ongoing airdrops, such as the $50,000 giveaway.

ChatGPT Forecasts Potential 1,600% Surge for Wall Street Memes

The Wall Street Memes has garnered the interest of numerous prominent crypto YouTubers, who have described it as a cryptocurrency with the potential for significant returns, possibly reaching 10x or more.

This wave of excitement and momentum has also drawn the attention of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has provided insights into Wall Street Memes’ future, highlighting the possibility of $WSM’s value appreciating after its entry into the open market.

ChatGPT identifies several potential drivers for this price surge, such as the strong Wall Street Memes brand and the active participation within the $WSM community. Since the current momentum shows no signs of slowing down, ChatGPT foresees a possible rise in $WSM’s price.

Additionally, ChatGPT highlighted the potential for heightened popularity and greater interest, citing past interactions with Elon Musk.

One estimate from Finbold is up to 1,600% gains. Although ChatGPT has become one of the potent tools of getting price predictions for cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to note that it refrains from providing precise price forecasts and does not offer investment advice.

For further insights into ChatGPT’s optimistic price projection for Wall Street Memes, please watch the video above and subscribe to his YouTube channel for additional crypto-related content.

Jacob Crypto Bury also manages a Discord community with 17,000 members, providing trading tips and updates on upcoming crypto presales. Take part in the $WSM presale at


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Wall Street Memes
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection - Wall St Bulls
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk
Wall Street Memes

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