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C+Charge Raises $1.2 Million in Presale – Don’t Miss Your Chance To Invest!

C+Charge Raises more than $1.2 million
C+Charge Raises more than $1.2 million

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C+Charge, the greenest cryptocurrency offering of 2023, has raised upwards of $1.2 million in the presale round.

The third stage of the presale is ongoing and will conclude within the next four days or when the token raises $2.61 million, whichever comes first.

C+Charge is an eco-friendly crypto initiative that aims to fix the current issues of EV systems and increase the EV adoption rate. The presale was announced on December 25th with eight presale stages. The conclusion of the current stage will push C+Charge closer to finishing half of its presale target.

Those who don’t want to miss out on the last-minute gains must visit and buy the tokens today.

C+Charge Addresses The Long Standing Issues of EV Systems

Environmental concerns have increased the demand for electric vehicles, but the number of EVs on the road is still less than it could be. While we can relegate the current lack of EVs on the road due to people’s love for vehicles with a combustion engine, there are real issues with the current EV system that has not been addressed

The first issue is the lack of information about the charging costs. Despite the increased number of charging stations, people have no way to keep tabs on charging costs. EV owners only come to know about these costs upon reaching the station – which is a big issue for those who want to keep their budget in line.

The same lack of information doesn’t allow people to know whether an EV station is functional

Another big issue is the mode of payment. There is no uniformity in how charging fees are paid. Since most charging stations have their own models and charging costs, their charging methods can differ, which makes it difficult for out-of-state vehicle owners to charge their vehicles.

The final issue is the lack of rewards. Citing environmental concerns can only motivate people so much. It is much easier to incentivize people to make them move to electric vehicles.

C+Charge addresses these issues by handling creating a P2P Payment System Powered by blockchain technology that:

Keeps EV Owners Informed

The mobile application ensures that EV owners are aware of the charging costs are the nearest charging station. It also informs them of the state of the nearest charging station.

Make Payment System Uniform

Charging costs are paid using CCHG – the native token of the C+Charge ecosystem. C+Charge aims to partner with all EV organizations across the globe to make this payment system more viable. It would add uniformity to the payment system and allow anyone to charge their vehicles anywhere.

Reward People with Carbon Credits

Every time CCHG is paid to charge electric vehicles, a portion of that is converted into GNT. GNT is Goodness Natured Token which is powered by FlowCarbon. It is a tokenized form of carbon credit that is rewarded back to the EV owners through “reflections”.

Partnerships with Multiple Organizations in the EV space are paving the way for C+Charge’s Growth

To realize its goal of making the EV ecosystem more inclusive, C+Charge has partnered with multiple EV organizations.

The green crypto project has also partnered with Perfect Solutions Turkey, a Turkish charging Station company that controls 20% of charging stations in Turkey.

These moves are fueling C+Charge to have great potential upside in the future for early-stage investors. That makes the current time crucial to invest in C+Charge.

Make Gains From Price Appreciation By Participating In the Presale

C+Charge’s unique approach to tackling environmental concerns has attracted a lot of eco-friendly investors, which has allowed the project to raise more than $1.2 million.

Investing in the presale now will allow users to make gains from the price appreciation that comes with each presale stage.  The price of the token at the current stage is 0.016 USDT, and at the last stage is 0.0235 USDT. Investing now will allow traders to make almost 50% gains even before the listing happens.

But the pace at which the presale is going makes us believe that it (the presale) will conclude ahead of time. That is why those who are still interested must not wait for the 11th hour and visit to participate in the presale today.

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