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C+Charge Presale Stage 1 to End Soon After $783,000 Raised — Buy Today before Stage 2 Price Rise

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

C+Charge Presale Stage 1
C+Charge Presale Stage 1

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C+Charge’s developers have just made an announcement that they’ll be altering the nature of the presale pricing strategy, which will see the value of the $CCHG token rise gradually over the course of the presale.

The presale is being split up into eight phases from the previous four in order to raise more money.

C+Charge’s end goal is to revolutionize the way EVs are charged and paid for. Benefiting EV owners, this platform provides a high-quality native token that is both transparent and easy to use.

C+Charge is also working on a solution to provide EV owners access to charging data in real-time. Over $783,000 has been raised in just a few months thanks to the project’s presale of its native cryptocurrency. Those wanting to be early movers must go to the website today.

What Makes C+Charge Unique?

By streamlining and incentivizing the charging process, C+Charge encourages people to join the EV revolution. The project’s creators argue that everyone has to switch to electric vehicles immediately in order to build a better future. That’s because EVs reduce pollution and other negative effects on the environment more than any other type of vehicle.

If you’re looking for a Web3 platform with a basic, practical use case and a utility token that really provides value, then C+Charge is where you should park your funds. Energy generated by the project will power a system that helps mitigate the negative effects of carbon emissions on the environment.

Another thing to note is that when it comes to bringing crypto-powered energy to the masses, C+Charge isn’t just relying on its own network but also on partnerships with other prominent companies in the electric vehicle market. Together with Phihong — which is a manufacturing giant for other automobile companies when it comes to EV charging parts — the team will supply charging technology for C+Charge’s stations. This is a very big development for C+Charge going ahead.

Why Should You Invest In C+Charge?

Revolutionary change is on the horizon, and C+Charge is at the forefront. The platform seeks to fight major environmental problems, and these are some of the benefits of investing in a token like C+Charge:

Those In Charge Of Charging Networks Reap Several Benefits

One of the major benefits is that it eliminates the need for costly PoS, which is a major expense in administering the stations; blockchain technology can also send accurate real-time information on the state of each station and perform various functional activities, further lowering operational costs.

Therefore, C+Charge has become a crucial fleet management tool for organizations such as local governing bodies and those that operate residential community charging systems. This, in turn helps EV drivers keep tabs on the whereabouts of functioning charging facilities in areas. Moreover, given that everything is run on the blockchain, the C+Charge app and an internet connection are all that an EV driver needs to interact with the network.

Regulates Carbon Credits

By 2027, the carbon credits sector is expected to be worth $2.4 trillion, making the market for EV drivers an enormous opportunity. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have been increasing, but carbon credits, a major incentive for EV adoption, are not being used nearly as broadly as they should be.

One of the major barriers for EV drivers is the current carbon credit system, which favors large corporations at the expense of everyone else. Worse still, huge corporations frequently utilize carbon credits as a levy they are prepared to pay to pollute. Because of this, they are able to keep generating carbon and other greenhouse gases rather than being encouraged to implement alternatives with lower or no carbon emissions.

Those that make or consume products with lower carbon footprints benefit from the present carbon credit system, whereas EV drivers are unfairly left out. Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers may make millions by selling carbon credits to industries that produce pollution. This is where projects like C+Charge come into play, where their sole aim is to reward EV drivers for their contribution to saving the planet by regulating carbon credits.

Incentives for EV Drivers

Before C+Charge, there was no way for EV drivers to earn carbon credits whenever they recharged their cars at charging stations. C+Charge hopes to entice long-term investors by promising attractive returns in exchange for supporting the implementation of this profitable use case, which will have positive effects on the environment of the planet.

A deflationary price-supportive mechanism is produced when CCHG tokens are taken from circulation when used to pay for electric vehicle charging. Do keep in mind that those investors who have invested during the first stage of the tokens presale, by now would have already made profits upwards of 80%.

Universal Payment System

C+Charge ushers in a convenient universal payments system that does not necessitate the installation of pricey Point of Sale (PoS) hardware; instead, drivers make purchases using the CCHG token.

Electric vehicle (EV) users have the ability to receive carbon credits in the form of the Goodness Native Token (GNT) whenever they charge cars. This is courtesy of the strategic partnership they formed with Flowcarbon.

With backing from fund management Invesco, Samsung Next, and a16z Crypto, the GNT token stands in for a certified voluntary carbon credit. One ton of greenhouse gases can be released into the atmosphere in exchange for one carbon credit.


The whole C+Charge ecosystem is powered by the C+Charge crypto token ($CCHG), which is typical of cryptocurrency initiatives. Customers can pay for EV charging at the proper stations and take part in network-wide events because of this.

C+Charge has planned eight distinct phases of the presale, with escalating prices for each. Token sales for the digital asset have nearly reached their second round, with over $783,000 raised so far during the first stage of the presale.

This coin can only be purchased using a MetaMask wallet; hence C+Charge recommends Trust Wallet or a similar wallet. If you’re trading from your desktop, then use Metamask and if you’re trading from a mobile device, then Trust Wallet is recommended. Visit the official website to become part of this presale project.

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