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C+Charge Crypto Presale to Dominate Electric Vehicle Market | Next 10x Sustainable Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The green crypto initiative that focuses on EV charging stations C+Charge has raised $750k in its phase one token presale which will end soon. C+Charge believe that blockchain technology will contribute a significant role in the future of electric vehicles.

Find the full C+Charge update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto presales update.

C+Charge Against Global Warming

One of the few cryptocurrency initiatives with an environmental aim is C+Charge. The project has significant upside potential, especially when weighed against the anticipated demand-supply gap of electric vehicle charging stations in the coming years.

It is a revolutionary platform designed to address the shortcomings in the current EV charging infrastructure. With C+Charge, users will have access to a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system that will enable them to avoid irregular pricing and hidden fees. C+Charge is the first project to introduce blockchain technology to the EV charging space.

Users can utilize the app to easily locate charging stations that use CCHG tokens as payment. Users will also receive carbon credits for each time they refuel their vehicle. C+Charge encourages the purchase of EVs by standardizing payments and rewarding users who charge their vehicles.

C+Charge Invaluable Native Token

C+Charge’s native token is CCHG. This token, powered by the BNB Smart Chain, allows you to simply pay for electric car charging at any stations that accept it. Because the CCHG coin is deflationary, every unit that has been utilized for transaction will be removed.

CCHG has successfully raised $750,000 through the first stage of its presale, which is presently ongoing. The current price of one CCHG is $0.013 and will rise to $0.014 once the first stage is completed. Guide on how to buy CCHG token here.

Because of its tokenomics, the asset is expected to grow more substantial over time as charging stations become more widespread. You can track your CCHG balance with the C+Charge mobile app, and the platform’s developers are making progress on adding more capabilities.

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C+Charge Advantages

Let’s look at the project’s special qualities and the reasons why investors should have to consider on purchasing the CCHG coin. Carbon emissions into the atmosphere have accelerated due to our historical reliance on fossil fuels.

To address this problem, the idea of carbon credits developed and became a profitable motivation for people and companies to cut their carbon emissions. However, the introduction of EVs has shown to be yet another effective method of reducing carbon emissions.

Over the past ten years, the demand for EVs and carbon credits has increased. The infrastructure has not caught up to give a smooth user experience. EV demand exceeds charging infrastructure. Most EV charging stations are connected to the grid, making it difficult to set a transparent and constant tariff.

EV owners distrust this lack of regular pricing. C+Charge wants to add carbon credits to EV charging after fixing these concerns. C+Charge’s blockchain-based EV charging system will give EV drivers carbon credits. The project’s features include:

  • Allows the charging station geolocation locator to be turned on and then leads users to a C+Charge partner charging point.
  • With the integration option, users can pay the fee using CCHG tokens that are held in the app’s wallet.
  • Users can keep track on the amount of earned carbon credits and CCHG tokens that are stored in your wallet.
  • The reflections software enables the conversion of carbon credits to NFTs and their storage in the application.
  • The app allows you to avoid malfunctioning stations and chargers with longer waiting periods.

C+Charge is already ahead of its rivals with an aim to revolutionize EV charging stations and build a P2P payment system. Additionally, it is well-liked by green organizations due to its eco-friendliness and creative use of carbon credits.

Experts predict that once the project is more well-known, the value of CCHG coins will rise due to the current extremely high demand for eco-cryptos.


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