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Can New Meme Coins Shiba V Pepe (SHEPE), XShiba, XSHIB Really Be The Next Shiba Inu Or Next Pepe

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Can New Meme Coins Shiba V Pepe (SHEPE), XShiba, XSHIB Really Be The Next Shiba Inu Or Next Pepe
Can New Meme Coins Shiba V Pepe (SHEPE), XShiba, XSHIB Really Be The Next Shiba Inu Or Next Pepe

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With Bitcoin correcting back to its below $26k mark following the US SEC’s decision to delay the spot Bitcoin ETF applications, investors are once again looking at meme coins as the next best investments.

Combining the volatile traits that define the crypto community with aesthetics similar to other memecoins that have gone up in the past, these newly introduced crypto assets are turning heads across the crypto community.

Three of these tokens: Shiba V Pepe (SHEPE). XSHIB and XShiba Inu (XShiba) experienced significant traction last week. Do these meme coins, with their meta aesthetics, have what it takes to become the next Pepe or Shiba Inu?

Tokens with Meta Narratives Taking Stride on the Price Charts

Memecoins with meta-narratives are those that take inspiration from well-received memecoins to move up in price. Pepe created Pepe 2.0 and Harry Potter combined with a bunch of other culture references to create Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu. Such tokens are coming to the market fast and going up just as quickly, making high levels of gains within a small timeframe.

Three recently introduced tokens that have gone live on Dextools are attempting to do the same.

Shiba V Pepe

Shiba V Pepe is a memecoin that plays on the “Vs” meta-narrative, pitting Pepe against Shiba Inu in a bid to gain traction in the market. It has been successful so far, as the current price chart shows an increase in price of more than 163,000% before the recent correction.

SHEPE 4-Hour-Interval Price Chart Dextools
SHEPE 4-Hour-Interval Price Chart Dextools

This memecoin’s meta-narrative is strong, and so is its DEXTscore, which is 88 out of 99. It has a buy-and-sell tax of 1%. It has taken antiwhale measures and has no blacklist features enabled.

Currently the 9th hottest pair of DEXtools, SHEPE ranked the leading hottest pair yesterday. Additionally, the community trust score for this crypto is 98%.

But can it go against both Shiba Inu and Pepe? Well, it has the vs trend to boot, where it is pitting Shiba against Pepe. This may allow it to funnel the traction of those two assets onto itself to grow in value.


XSHIB launched on Uniswap on August 29th and went up by close to 2600% in 13 hours. While the token’s value later declined and went on to trading sideways till the end of August, it again experienced a surge.


The price chart on DEXtools shows that it has dropped again, forming a pattern similar to its last upswing, which could indicate a move to consolidate for some days before pumping once again.

XSHIB is a token inspired by Shiba Inu and has a total supply of 150 million and a total market cap of $349.6k. There has been a total of 1.35k transactions for this token so far, and its trading volume in the last 24 hours has been only $392.19.

The massive red XSHIB has painted has removed much of the trust that people had in his token. The DEXTscore of this asset is 9 out of 99, and the GoPlus audit shows that this token is a Honeypot and has a blacklisting feature.

These facts show that its potential to become the next Shiba Inu is now gone.


XShiba was launched on Uniswap on August 15th and went up by 3783%, where it stabilized for three days before correcting.


This token has a market cap of $24.1k at press time and a circulating supply of 10 billion. It has 241 holders, and its 24-hour trading volume is only $567.

This token has a dext-score of 64 on DEXTools, and its community trust vote lies at 96%. Furthermore, XShiba Inu is a project that describes itself as an asset that empowers and supports the future of Shiba Inu. It also has a staking utility that packs a 12% APY, which is paid to holders on a monthly basis.

Sonik Coin is a Similar Token With Much Better Upsides

These tokens adopted the aesthetics of similar tokens, which enabled them to move up on the price charts on launch.

Similar inspiration can be found in tokens that are yet to be released, such as Sonik Coin. Sonik Coin takes inspiration from Sonik the Hedgehog, similar to HarryPotterObanaSonic10Inu.

Sonik Coin aims to become the fastest crypto to reach a $100 million market capitalization, which it can potentially reach, considering HarryPotterObanaSonic10Inu reached a $200 million market cap within 97 days of its launch.

The project’s official page shows that it has taken a comedic take on Sonik The Hedgehog, presenting Sonik the Hedgehog as a fun token drawn in a rudimentary fashion. The memecoin has a total supply of 299,792,458,000, similar to the speed of light. The project also has a staking utility known as “Stake to Speed,” which will reward investors with APY for holding Sonik Coin for seven days.

Sonik Coin emerged as a presale on August 3rd and has already raised more than $1 million. The presale is ending in three days.

Interested parties can visit to participate as an early mover when the coin is available at a discount price of $0.000014.


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