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Bittrex delisting dozens of assets for investors in the United States

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Bittrex, a big-time cryptocurrency exchanges, has just revealed that it will prevent investors in the United States from participating in online trading with 32 different assets. This news comes to us from an official Bittrex blog post.

The changing times

These changes will go live on June 21st, and include blocking US investors from the following assets:

  • ADT
  • AMP
  • BAY
  • BCPT
  • BOXX
  • CMCT
  • DNT
  • DTA
  • ENG
  • FCT
  • FLDC
  • GO
  • GTO
  • IHT
  • ION
  • LBA
  • MFT
  • MOBI
  • NLC2
  • NMR
  • PRO
  • PTOY
  • QRL
  • QTUM
  • RFR
  • SWT
  • XEL
  • XNK

Of course, those affected will receive emails that detail what they “can and cannot do” with such tokens before the change comes into effect. These include:

  • Buy or sell Tokens/Coins in all markets currently available to U.S. Customers before the Change Date. 
  • Cancel (or cancel-and-replace) open orders:  To cancel an order, navigate to the “Orders” page and under “Open Orders” click the red button with an X. To cancel-and-replace an open order, navigate to the markets page for the token and adjust your price to the market price. 
  • Withdraw Assets:  Login to Next, please click on the wallets link, search for the desired Token/Coin and click the withdrawal icon to open the withdraw dialog and initiate the normal withdrawal process. 

However, once June 21st comes around, users won’t be able to buy or sell the aforementioned assets, and the company will close out all open orders within the United States market. That said, United States investors will still be able to hold or withdraw these assets within their Bittrex wallets for as long as those coins stay on the exchange.

Non-U.S. citizens will still be able to access these coins, of course. Also, if you’re fearing Bittrex leaving the United States in general, no worries. The platform will still support US customers and trades, though in a more limited capacity than before.

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