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Bitcoin More Popular Than Sex, According To Reddit

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Some things are headlines, even if they don’t seem significant at first glance. An age-old expression amongst many is something that can be even “better than sex,” and many a Bitcoin hodler would feel this if Bitcoin sees a massive bull run, as well as mass adoption. It seems that a lot of the world is catching on to this, strange as it may seem.

Massive Amounts of BTC Popularity

The basic premise is this: Reddit has more followers on the Bitcoin subreddit (Around 1,707,705) than it has on r/sex, which stands at 1.697 million. This was revealed by u/farmingOnYieldApp, a Reddit user subscribed to r/Bitcoin.

Reddit itself is a strange piece of the internet, filled with all kinds of people, more than 440 million users in total. Since the very early days, however, Bitcoin enthusiasts have flocked to the website. The result of this, is r/Bitcoin proved to be a grower since 2017, while r/sex seemed to have a flaccid amount of growth throughout the years.

Ever since the Reddit post pointed out that Bitcoin is more popular than porn, r/Bitcoin has seen an influx of subscribers. This could primarily be thanks to Paypal announcing that it will offer crypto payment services come next year, which would drum up positive crypto sentiment considerably.

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The Hard Facts

While at first glance, this may seem like a strange thing to make news of, there’s an old saying that goes: “If it exists, someone’s making money out of it, someone else is making porn out of it, and the third guy is doing both.

As such, the fact that Bitcoin has more followers than the go-to porn subreddit of the platform indicates that a massive amount of positive sentiment stands with Bitcoin. It shows that more people trust Bitcoin than those that use porn. Taking into consideration that this is Reddit, a site known for being more on the raunchy side of things in general, it shows that Bitcoin has made great strides in terms of positive sentiment.

A Small Fry Still

Even with its significant popularity, Bitcoin is far from a “mainstream” subreddit. Big subreddits like r/Gaming and r/Sports make r/Bitcoin seem like a toddler trying to square up to a heavyweight boxer. Even r/MildlyInteresting, a hub for, as the name suggests, various things of mild interest, boasts a subscriber count of 18.2 million and over.

Luckily, one need not choose between Bitcoin and sex. For those keen for both, the third party making porn and making money from it would be Pornhub. The popular pornography platform allows its users to purchase premium services with Bitcoin, as well as conventional payments.

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