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Justin Sun Makes a Critical Error with His Pornhub Hype Train

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Justin Sun Makes a Critical Error with His Pornhub Hype Train 1
Justin Sun Makes a Critical Error with His Pornhub Hype Train 1

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Love or (more likely) hate him, Justin Sun is a well-known figure within the crypto industry. He’s rather infamous about how he overhypes his various projects as a founder of the TRON Foundation, giving out pseudo-facts about TRON compared to other blockchains. Sun’s overhyping cost him a bit of PR this time as the man misread the entire situation and just made a fool of himself.

Grabbing Every Chance

Justin Sun’s latest attempt to overhype his blockchain comes from his announcement in TRX’s positions in the Pornhub payment crises, where he misread the situation in his eagerness to advertise his brand.

For a little context, PayPal has recently barred Pornhub from making use of its payment facility in order to pay the porn site’s hundreds of thousands of models. A move that’s still confusing to many as to exactly why they did it. The move left hundreds of thousands of actors “stranded” due to them having relied on the payment option to earn their living.

A Hyped Up Blunder

Justin Sun and his TRON Foundation dove on this as quickly as they could get ready to jump. They boldly proclaimed that TRX was the site’s solutions and that everything was fine as long as Pornhub had TRON to help it in its dire times. Justin Sun boldly dove in promising aid when the news came out, but the actual blunder would come a few days later.

After TRON moved around its pieces and double-checked their next PR stunt, they gave an official statement about how users are capable of facilitating payments to Pornhub via its TRX coin.

The problem was that paying Pornhub was never the issue; it was paying the actors who work for pornhub. The observation was made by Udi Wertheimer, one of the crypto industry’s popular bitcoin commentator and the host of the podcast show, Reckless Review.

Future Troubles

For many, Justin’s latest blunder is yet another indication that the living embodiment of a hype train should put down the breaks when it comes to his “revolutionary” marketing strategies.

This includes a $4.6 million dinner offer Justin Sun gave to Warren Buffet, an investor and billionaire. The reason for this delay was officially cited as kidney stones, but allegations have been thrown about that Justin Sun is involved in a very muddy fraud scheme. Rumor has it that Sun can’t leave China due to the current investigations going on in regards to this. Sun denies this, of course, but his reputation has made many people believe China’s version of the story, a country in complete denial that they are moving into crypto.

What the future holds for Justin Sun remains to be seen, but the foreseeable future does not spell a happy ending for the crypto entrepreneur. The worst part about the matter is even if Sun is found guilty, there’s no way of knowing if he really is due to both his dubious reputation and China’s excessive convictions.

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