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Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Surpasses $8.8 Million Despite Bitcoin’s Nearly 10% Price Decline in a Week

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Surpasses $8.8 Million Despite Bitcoin's Nearly 10% Price Decline in a Week
Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Surpasses $8.8 Million Despite Bitcoin's Nearly 10% Price Decline in a Week

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Bitcoin hit $49,000 last week after the SEC approved spot BTC ETFs, yet the rally was fleeting, with prices retracting over 10% afterward. At the time of writing, bears have taken control of the Bitcoin market, with the price standing at $40.8K, marking a 3.02% decrease in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin’s volatility casts doubt on its claim as a reliable store of value, highlighting its potential as a purely speculative asset. While the long-term outlook for $BTC remains uncertain, emerging projects like Bitcoin Minetrix introduce unique features like ‘Stake-to-Mine,’ potentially offering enhanced price prospects.

Maximizing Rewards with Bitcoin Minetrix’s Staking Strategies

Amidst short-term challenges faced by Bitcoin, several innovative projects are emerging that have the potential to reshape the crypto space. Bitcoin Minetrix is one such initiative introducing a novel perspective to this discourse through its ‘Stake-to-Mine’ framework, presenting a streamlined and inclusive approach to Bitcoin mining.

Utilizing this protocol, individuals can stake their $BTCMTX tokens to earn ‘mining credits,’ which, when burned, grant access to cloud mining power. This method offers a pathway to earn BTC rewards without requiring direct capital investment.

The platform eliminates the necessity for users to purchase and maintain their own mining rigs, known for their noise and heat generation. With the upcoming halving anticipated in April, the reduction in new BTC entering circulation may exert upward pressure on its price.

As Bitcoin becomes more valuable, the competition and profitability of mining its blocks increase. Consequently, $BTCMTX holders staking their tokens for cloud mining power may witness more valuable payouts following the halving event.

In addition to the stake-to-mine model, staking $BTCMTX provides a noteworthy annual yield of 74%. Currently, over 560 million $BTCMTX tokens have been staked. Importantly, as more tokens are staked, the offered yields will decrease, underscoring the advantage for early participants in Bitcoin Minetrix’s model.

Check out the video above to get the latest update on the Bitcoin Minetrix presale, and subscribe to Jacob Crypto Bury’s YouTube channel for more crypto-related videos. Jacob also runs a Discord channel with a community of 20,000 members, offering trading tips and information on upcoming crypto presales.

BTCMTX Achieving Milestones in Presale Funding and Community Growth

Available at $0.0129 in its ongoing presale, $BTCMTX has successfully garnered over $8.2 million in its multi-stage funding phase. The minimum investment is a modest $10, with transactions accepted in ETH, USDT, or through credit/debit cards.

Bitcoin Minetrix, with a total token supply of 4 billion, allocates 42.5% for mining and 7.5% for staking, along with other distribution plans. The project aims to achieve a hard cap goal of over $33 million, earmarked for platform development, marketing, and staking rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix has already captured considerable interest, evident in its rapid social media growth. The Telegram channel boasts nearly 12,000 members, and its official X (formerly Twitter) account has accumulated over 18K followers in just a month.

Additionally, early supporters stand to benefit from a $30K ‘minedrop’ on the platform. The reward will be divided among ten winners, and participants have up to six opportunities to win by accomplishing straightforward tasks such as following the project’s social media channels.

This easily accessible airdrop has enhanced the appeal of Bitcoin Minetrix, contributing to the potential acceleration of its marketing efforts and brand recognition.

Given its early success and the gradual increase in presale prices, those interested in acquiring $BTCMTX at the most favorable rate should act promptly to avoid missing potential opportunities. To take part in the $BTCMTX presale visit


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