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Bitcoin Lightning Network Increasing Becoming The Ideal Choice For Payment

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Bitcoin Lightning
Bitcoin Lightning

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The Lightning Network is gradually getting the attention it desires, as the grassroots Bitcoin Lightning festival in Portland, U.S. shows. It also revealed that the network is increasingly becoming the perfect “payment companion.”

Chief Executive Officer of Rapaygo, Clay Graham, who is also an enthusiast of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, stated that there is “grassroots evidence” that “America is adopting Bitcoin.” This is evident at the festival in Portland, as 50 people spent 4 million Sats in three hours.
The festival showcased different services from artists, food carts, and vendors, where all of them accept Bitcoin. Graham stated that a “food cart pod” was also available, as the place offered an environment where enthusiasts got Bitcoin beach-like experience.

All Goods And Services Were Purchased With LN

The Bitcoin party was dubbed “Puddle Town on Lightning Rails”, as popular Bitcoin enthusiast Dennis Porter was one of the MCs at the festival. As expected, all items were sold in Bitcoin and no fiat currency was accepted.

Graham stated that one of the revelations in the party has been how it is very easy to pay for goods and services using LN. He added that since people were able to spend Bitcoin freely just as they would spend fat in the real world, the event is judged as very successful.

It Was Easier To Pay With LN Than Cash

Graham noted that the LN made it very easy for people to make payments at the party. “It was easier than cash,” he added. Apart from its ease of payment, it was also cheaper to use LN compared to paying with fiat currency-denominated cards. The festival made it easy for users to get whatever they want and pay easily.

Co-founder of Aceita Bitcoin, Tiago Vasconcelos, stated that with LN there is no need for cash or card swipe hardware. There is also no need to convert currency before making an international payment. As long as the user has an internet connection, they can participate in the market.

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