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Kraken User Claims Bitcoin Lightning Network Is Now Available

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The latest report from a Kraken user claims that the much-awaited Bitcoin Lightning Network is now available. Crypto exchange Kraken initially planned to implement the Lightning Network in 2021 but shifted it due to unforeseen delays.

The report came from Bitcoin maximalist Mr.Hodl, who took to Twitter to announce that the Lighting Network is now live. He shared a screenshot of the supposed new withdrawal process that allows users to receive Bitcoins from their accounts when they complete a withdrawal request from their wallet.

The withdrawal notice on the screenshot says “The Lightning network runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to enable more uses of Bitcoin,”

However, it seems that no other Kraken user has noticed or reported the supposed implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Some Kraken users, while responding to Mr. Hodi, stated that the BTC withdrawal option is not available on their accounts. They suggested that the Lightning implementation could be extended for all accounts within 24 hours.

Lightning Network Already Implemented Or Very Close

It is not the first time a Lightning implementation report has appeared this month. In mid-March, a report surfaced from crypto enthusiasts, suggesting that the network was being implemented the report was based on Amboss, the Lightning Network explorer

However, Amboss later noted that the information could have been from an imposter, pointing out that the entire scenario was “network gossip.” A spokesperson for Amboss added that the information came from a Kraken alias with an octopus and a lighting emoji.

However, the spokesperson noted that the node could be genuine since it’s a large node at 7 BTC in capacity. Although Kraken has not contacted Amboss to verify the node, the representative said the nodes and channels appear to be genuine, judging by the size of the nodes and channels.

According to Amboss data, the total capacity of Kraken’s node is about 28 BTC or 2.8 billion satoshis as of the time of writing. Kraken did not deny or confirm the report, but its spokesperson stated that the exchange has long been planning to support Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

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