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BitBay Former Executive Sylwester Suszek Is Reportedly Missing

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Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Polish-based crypto exchange Zonda (formerly BitBay), Sylwester Suszek, is reportedly missing. A police report in Poland stated that he went for a business meeting on Thursday, but has not returned home since then. The report also noted that his family has not heard from him.

The last time he was seen while driving off from his home, he was wearing a yellow stripe, blue jeans, an olive-black jacket, and black sports shoes with orange elements.

BitBay Shareholders Linked To Criminal Activities

BitBay was entangled in a little scandal, where local journalists found out that some of its shareholders had criminal records, with some of them convicted for pimping and VAT fraud. And in 2019, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority listed BitBay as one of the firms investors should be wary about. The regulator stated that the exchange was involved in financial activities that were not permitted.

During the investigations by the local journalists, it was discovered that one of the shareholders was allegedly connected to a murder committed in 1995 by a local gang. Following the allegation, several attempts were made to take down the journalistic piece but they were all unsuccessful.

The Authors Were Offered Bribes To Stop The Criminal Report

The authors of the report stated that they received proposals for a bribe to stop investigating and writing the report. They said a bribe of PLN 100,000 was initially offered before it was raised to PLN 1 million. However, the reporters declined and sent the details of the bribery attempt to the prosecutor’s office in Wroclaw and the Central Investigation Bureau.

Another group also offered to pay them money under the supervision of law enforcement agencies if they will abandon the report. However, the National Prosecutor’s Office did not allow the meeting to hold, according to the local media outlet.

BitBay, also called the Bitcoin mine, was launched by three individuals from Piekary Śląskie. Sylwester Suszek came into the picture when his father provided the initial capital for the firm, which was later transferred to Suszek’s name. However, Suszek was not linked to the report of past criminal records involving some of the company’s shareholders.

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