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Big Eyes Crypto Mess – Was This a Scam?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Big Eyes Coin Scam Crypto
Big Eyes Coin Scam Crypto

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The Big Eyes coin was officially launched on Uniswap on June 15th. However, the price movement of BIG has been quite disappointing so far. After its launch at 11 PM UTC+1, the price quickly sank to presale levels. There have been reports from investors of difficulties claiming tokens on the Big Eyes website.

Big Eyes Multi-Stage Presale

According to the information, the initiative started raising funds through a number of stages around August 2022. The cost keeps rising with each new phase. The Big Eyes cryptocurrency seeks to be a DeFi ecosystem that produces value for the BIG cryptocurrency and raises money to protect the oceans.

The project’s presale included fifteen stages and finished on June 3, 2023. Each stage had separate presale pricing. The Big Eyes coin costs $0.0001 at the very first level before rising at each succeeding stage. The price for the fifteenth stage increased by 500% from the presale price to $0.0006.

Tragically, less than 24 hours after its Uniswap launch, the price has dropped by 60% from the stage one presale pricing. Given that presale investors are hurrying to withdraw their investments, the price forecast for Big Eyes coin is quite negative. This resulted from the failure of their investments to generate returns on the day of listing.

Investors Experienced Issues Claiming Their Tokens

Big Eyes not only blatantly stated on its website that token holders may claim their tokens on June 15, 2023, but they also had the nerve to offer early access ticket to claim for those who purchased $100. As a result, hundreds of individuals were frustrated.

The option to claim your BIG coins 6 hours before everyone else was guaranteed to those who paid this fee in addition to what they already acquired in the presale. As a result, angry, irate, and dismayed investors have gone on a Twitter rant about it.

BIG Price Prediction

It has also been pointed out that, based on its 200 billion total supply, Big Eyes’ live market cap at launch will be around $96 million, and its completely diluted market cap $120 million, which is quite substantial for a new meme coin.

Given the significant disparity between price stages, the length of the presale, and the current unfavorable sentiment surrounding the project and the crypto markets, many holders may want to take profits right away. The Big Eyes presale set a hard cap of $51 million, which it came close to reaching, but missed.

Since there is currently just $97k in available liquidity and the Big Eyes token has a market cap of almost $4 million, it appears that there was not enough liquidity offered from the start.

For a detailed explanation of Big Eyes, check the video above. Visit his YouTube channel for additional videos on cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury operates a Discord channel with 14,000 subscribers where users can receive trading advice and  may learn about the upcoming legitimate crypto presales.

Big Eyes Coin Alternative

This project includes a lot of warning signs that indicate it will turn out to be a scam or rug pull, despite the fact that it initially appears to be promising. Big Eyes coin appears to be a fraud project based on its aggressive paid advertisements across hundreds of cryptocurrency and non-crypto websites and its prolonged presale.

This means it is not a good idea to buy Big Eyes. There has always been a lot of room for innovation and profit in the crypto industry. Although most initiatives have good intentions, there are others that try scam from innocent backers.

Consider the Big Eyes coin alternative $WSM, which has a solid track record, a large base of supporters that has attracted Elon Musk’s attention, an exciting presale, and most importantly, trusted team.

Wall Street Memes

The Wall Street Memes coin (WSM) is a recently released meme coin that is gaining popularity among investors. With its recent presale shattering records and generating over $8 million so quickly, this meme cryptocurrency has emerged as an alluring investment prospect.

However, it must be noted that Wall Street Memes is not a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world. They’ve already caused a stir in the NFT market with their wildly popular Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which was completely sold out within an astonishing half-hour of its release. See our guide on how to buy WSM token here.

Wall Street Memes, which has a track record in Ethereum NFTs, is unquestionably positioned for phenomenal growth as a meme coin. The nearly one million dedicated readers of Wall Street Memes are an evidence to the site’s success. Look at its main Instagram account, which has a whopping 529K followers and more than 231K people follow it on Twitter.

But the extraordinary engagement in their community is what really makes a difference. Elon Musk, a popular figure on the internet, has taken notice and engaged with the Wall Street Memes community twice! It’s a resounding affirmation of their enormous power and reach.

Wall Street Memes has a very strong possibility of being listed on numerous top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges due to its huge popularity. Wall Street Memes features an active community, a hugely popular Wall St Bulls NFT collection, and tokenomics that elevate its appeal to a whole new level.

What distinguishes Wall Street Memes is the community will have exclusive access to all of the token supply. Yes, no shady backroom dealings. With a maximum supply of two billion WSM tokens, 50% go to the presale and generously 30% go to community rewards.

Liquidity is ensured on both centralized and decentralized exchanges with the remaining 20%. The initiative has the potential to attract attention from well-known exchanges because to its credibility and extensive social media presence, increasing the value of the coin. Take part in the WSM presale at


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