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Unveiling an AI-Powered Crypto Platform for Easy Signals and Trading Alpha – Top Low Cap Gem? (yPredict, Wall Street Memes) 

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Recently, low-market capitalization projects in the crypto industry have been succeeding within short periods of time after their launch. These projects fall under a niche in the crypto space referred to as meme crypto tokens. 

One of the latest meme coin crypto projects powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology yPredict, has been unveiled, and its potential seems to have attracted investors, making it succeed enormously. 

Considering how it is progressing within a short time after its introduction, it could be the top low-capitalization gem. Notably, there is another meme project, the Wall Street Memes, reigning alongside yPredict generating massive investor interest. 

This project has also gained tremendous success within a short period after it was unveiled alongside yPredict. So, looking into the potential they have and their presales performance, investors could decide if these low-cap gems in the meme niche have something to offer.

An Overview of yPredict with Its Presale Performance

yPredict is a crypto analytical and prediction platform leveraging the power of AI technology to proffer solutions to crypto trading challenges.

So, yPredict created a utility token ($YPRED) to be utilized in its ecosystem as a means of payment for prediction subscriptions and many more.Interestingly, the AI platform offers features like trading tools, a marketplace, a trading terminal, and a staking pool with high APY%.

These features encourage $YPRED utility as holders use the token to engage in several activities within the platform. The project team created a marketplace where AI developers offer free and premium prediction models (AI signals) with high precision on Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and Ethereum.

The project aims to create a crypto trading environment to provide less stress and a flawless trading experience to its users with the help of AI technology. With such an opportunity, even traders with little knowledge of crypto trading could also maximize profit through its platform. 

So, for yPredict to actualize this, it harnessed the power of AI technology to offer crypto trading tools such as AI signal, AI technical analysis, 25+ Chart Pattern Recognition, and Sentimental Analysis.

Notably, its AI signals could help solve the challenges crypto traders encounter and save them from trading with wrong signals provided by some inefficient signal providers.

Furthermore, the AI technical analysis will lift the stress traders face analyzing charts for a long time and help them quickly identify the direction of the market and make a rational decision.

The yPredict 25+ chart pattern recognition helps traders in the platform to obtain useful chart patterns for their coins of interest as the AI detects these patterns for traders’ coins of interest.

Again, its sentimental analysis tool will help traders on the platform to be updated about how other traders feel about the crypto market or a particular crypto market they are currently trading on, giving them insights on whether to pause, stop or continue trading.

Notably, yPredict offers Learn-to-Earn (L2E) scheme, allowing users to earn $YPRED as they learn on the platform. Following what developers have said about the project thus far, it is clear that the AI-powered platform, yPredict serves 2 main groups_ the AI developers and the crypto traders.

 How yPredict Incentivizes Users and Its Token Allocations

yPredict incentivizes its main group, the AI developers and the traders, to create liquidity for its $YPRED internally.

The project team incentivizes the AI developers by creating an opportunity for them to offer predictive models and obtain passive income through the platform.

Furthermore, the project incentivizes traders in its platform by offering them free yPredict analysis and high yielding APY staking pool when they buy $YPRED. 

The project is built on the Polygon Matic blockchain, where it runs decentralized governance. The yPredict is designed to give powerful utilities and provides an opportunity for high rewards in staking in a staking pool.

The staking pool is maintained and kept attractive by allowing every subscription made in the platform to enter the pool, therefore, keeping APY% constant with a never liquidity.

Notably, the yPredict project has 100,000,000 total tokens in supply and distributed it thus: presale 80%, liquidity 10%, treasury 5%, and development 5%.

yPredict ($YPRED) Presale Performance

Since the $YPRED presale started, it has gained dramatic success, reaching milestones quickly. 

The success of $YPRED could be due to its potential, as many crypto lovers would like to experience trading with cutting-edge AI technology. Investors rushed to secure a 28.5% price increase, making the token raise $750 000 as the presale started.

According to Yahoo! Finance, on May 24, 2023, $YPRED reached $1,655,000 at a selling price of $0.09 from $0.07 when it entered its presale stage 6. Notably, the token continued progressing; a few days later, on May 30, it raised $1.9 million, still at the selling price of $0.09.

As of today, June 16, 2023, the token has raised $2.3 million at the same selling price of $0.09, and it is quite close to the presale benchmark of $2.9 million at the time of writing.

Considering the project’s success so far, there is a possibility of seeing more high interest very soon. Moreover, its success could continue for some time in the future as more people adopt crypto.

An Overview of Wall Street Memes with Its Presale Performance

Wall Street Memes is a meme crypto project leveraging on a community movement, a popular Reddit community movement referred to as WallStreetBets, which started in 2021. 

Wall Street Memes founders gained attention from the public in 2021 when they sold out their NFT collection of 10,000 Wall Street Bulls and made $2.5 million in 32 minutes. Following this successful event, investors believed in the project team and also considered the community backing the project.

Recently, the project team made a meme token ($WSM), tokenizing the movement and celebrating a little man who bravely took Wall Street in 2021 in an infamous GameStop debacle.

Again, the project team also aims to express how the internet conquered rampant capitalism, stating that it has enriched ordinary people.

With the strong community of WallStreeBtes and the recent event of meme crypto projects gaining huge success, the project team decided to create an opportunity for the community to gain from the success in the meme niche.

Note the team behind the $WSM project gave a clue that the meme crypto projects, including the useless ones, have made ordinary people rich. This could also be one of the reasons they created $WSM. 

Wall Street Memes Presale Performance

According to Yahoo! Finance and Analytics Insight, $WSM raised $100,000 less than a day before the presale started. As of May 30, 2023, Crypto News reported that the $WSM raised over $1.3 million on its presale following the increased interest of investors.

It keeps surging; on June 15, 2023, the $WSM raised over $7.2 million at a selling price of $$0.0289, and today, June 16, 2023, it has raised over $7.8 million at a selling price of $0.0292 as at the time of writing.

This shows the possible continuous bullish trend for some days in the future due to the high-interest investors have shown in the project.

Interested investors can create a compatible wallet and grab more tokens now to be the early birds to gain following its exchange listing. 

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