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Best Cryptos to Buy During Crash – Time to Make changes as Green Candles grow Smaller

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy BAttle Infinity
Buy BAttle Infinity

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The market conditions, it seems, aren’t letting up Bitcoin. The crash might have slowed down a bit, but its effect remains. BTC barely moves beyond $20k; when it does, it is only twice a day – for less than a few minutes. These market conditions have taught us that we must be very selective about cryptocurrencies. Emotions shouldn’t impact our buying decisions anymore. So here is the best of best cryptos to buy during the crash as the green candles have continued to become rare.

Top 5 Cryptos to Buy During Crash

Here are some of our picks of cryptocurrencies that have shown much promise in the market. Some of them have just entered the centralized exchanges, and some are still in the presale stage.

1. Tamadoge: A Memecoin with Utility

Tamadoge has become one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies this year. It has been ruling the presale chats since landing in the ecosystem. Tamadoge is a Play2Earn ecosystem where you can buy NFTs known as the Tamadoge Pets. These are pixelated Doges that double as the player character you can buy, customize, pet, and raise. Once your Tamadoge Pet has grown up, you can use him to battle within a PvE ecosystem to earn Dogepoints. Earn the highest number of Dogepoints in a month, and you’ll earn TAMA tokens.

Buy Tamadoge

The devs behind Tamadoge are also planning to integrate a 3D version of Tamadoge Pets with the existing metaverses. There are also plans for a Tamaverse, a doge-based metaverse.

Tamadoge is deflationary crypto, burning 5% of every TAMA token used in transactions. Unlike other cryptos of the same nature, the team doesn’t plan to levy any type of crypto tax.

Due to the devs’ willingness and the bullish use case, Tamadoge tokens have started to go out fast during the presale. The presale is currently in its 7th phase and has raised more than $12.7 million up until this point. Once it is over, Tamadoge will be listed on LBank. The current presale is a good buying opportunity who don’t want to deal with the market’s volatility and make multi-x gains.

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2. Battle Infinity: A Leading Metaverse Crypto of 2022

Another presale crypto that has not landed on a centralized exchange is Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is also a Play-to-Earn ecosystem that focuses on merging good gameplay and great earning mechanics under the same roof.


The project was launched as a presale in mid-July and completed 66 days ahead of its time. IBAT – Battle Infinity’s native crypto – soon became available as an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on PancakeSwap, where its value rose by 446%.

Battle Infinity went live on LBank in late august, and while there has been some retrace since launch, the token has retained a respectable position. And with the launch of Battle Swap and Battle Staking coming up, the potential for a drastic price increase is also high.

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3. Lucky Block: An NFT Competition’s Platform

Lucky Block is an NFT Competitions platform that allows users to use the official Lucky Block NFT – Platinum Roller’s Club – or LBLOCK tokens to participate and win huge prizes. The token took off shortly after its launch in January 2022.

One of the biggest draws of this platform is the main draw that allows participants to win $50,000. Winners get their winnings in the form of LBLOCK tokens.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a platform built on Binance Smart Chain. Thus, the LBLOCK is a BEP 20 token. But recently, Lucky Block introduced Lucky Block V2, an ERC 721 token that doesn’t have the 12% crypto tax and allows the token to be listed on centralized exchanges.

Lucky Block V2 is now live on LBank, MEXC, and The difference between the V1 and V2 versions is not merely skin deep. The V2 version is used for trading, and the V1 version is used to participate in the NFT competition.

Furthermore, the Lucky Block ETH bridge will go live in October this year and will allow users to swap their V1 and V2 tokens.

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4. Ethereum: May upshoot in Price After the Merge Upgrade

The fourth one on our list is Ethereum, which might be an unlikely choice for the crypto to many. Their apprehensions are warranted since ETH fell near and momentarily below the $1k levels during the bear market. However, the trading view chart has formed many long green candles.


With the complete transfer to the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, Ethereum will become eco-friendly crypto – drawing the attention of corporate leaders like Elon Musk. The Tesla leader has been sitting on the sidelines when it comes to ETH due to environmental concerns. The latest update might attract him and many others, leading to a price uptick.

While this crypto did crash, Ethereum is now pushing the crypto world in a new direction. The NFT game is about to change for the better, which gives ETH another bullish case to draw more investors.


5. DeFi Coin: A DEX Crypto

Another Crypto that has been trading in the green is DeFi Coin or DEFC. It is the native crypto of an upcoming decentralized exchange that has quickly become one of the best coins to buy during a crash.

DeFi Coin

DeFi Swap, the DEX powered by DeFi Coin, will have all the features of a centralized application – simpler UI, better trading options – but without needing a centralized body. The DEX will also feature staking and yield farming – letting users earn for holding their crypto on this platform.

DeFi Swap is trying to be one of the complete DEXes in the market, complete with an NFT Marketplace. The token is listed on Bitmart and has been trading in the green for the past five days.


Investing in Presales is Better in the Crash Market

Presale cryptos are a far better investment in a crash market. They protect you from dealing with the volatility of the crypto ecosystem and give you the early mover advantage. You can capitalize on that once those presale tokens get listed on DEX on CEX. Tamadoge is one of them and will likely end up on a Centralized exchange before the end of Q4 2022

That said, cryptos like Ethereum are also going through a transition phase. The full-fledged merge update will drastically change the market conditions – impacting other altcoins. And since Ethereum lies at the ground zero of this change, it is one of our crypto recommendations to buy during the crash.

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