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Best Crypto to Buy Now September 1 – Chainlink, THORChain, TRON

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Finding the best crypto to buy right now is a never-ending task, with dozens of tokens launched daily on CEX and DEX platforms. 

The crypto market appears bearish again as the Fear/Greed index returns to 35. The development cast a shadow on the purported crypto market of Monday, making it into a bull trap. 

However, the pessimism in the crypto market may have been influenced by the SEC’s decision to delay Blackrock’s ETF application verdict by another 45 days. 

Best Crypto to Buy Now

As the last month of Q3 unfolds, what are the best cryptos to buy now? The performance of the cryptocurrency market in the past two months has been below par. The quarter has been marred with gross underperformance, fluctuation and uncertainties. Crypto assets lost their gains to the sudden bearish market conditions in August and the exploit that bedevilled the DeFi market in late July. 

Hence, the crypto market performance in Q3 may be below the output of Q2. However, investors can find hedging opportunities in emerging cryptocurrencies and new projects. Today’s post takes a peek at the yPredict AI project. The project is working towards innovating the content creation niche, which might revolutionize how creators do their business. The details of the project are included below. 

1. Chainlink (LINK)

With the recent development in its CCIP, the probability of LINK’s price reversal is quite high. The price of the LINK has been declining since the start of the bearish condition in mid-August, and it continued till the last day of the month. 

However, the trend appeared slightly different today, with a 2% increase in the asset’s value and over 40% in trading volume.

Chainlink Price Chart

From the technical data available, the relative strength index of the asset has a near-oversold value of 37, which may account for the sudden spike in price. However, the sudden changes in trading volume could mean a trace of LINK accumulation. 

LINK made the news yesterday when The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift) announced that it had completed the tokenised asset transfer experiment across several blockchains. 

The experiment used Chainlink’s Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). Dozens of financial institutions were reported to have participated in the experiment.  

The aftermath of the announcement has restored confidence in the potential of the LINK token. Hence the boost in its trading volume. LINK’s price is 89% below its all-time-high value and 8% down in the past 52 weeks. 

Nonetheless, it’s indisputably one of the best cryptos to buy for long-term strategies. Ultimately, the liquidity of the asset is favourable, and it provides much-needed stability for the long term. 


Will TRON make it to the $0.1 price range before the end of Q3? Many investors have asked the question. However, the answer depends on the overall performance of the crypto market. TRON has performed excellently, but the market’s bearish condition hindered the asset’s meteoric rise. 

Arguably, TRON is one of the best cryptos to buy now. The fundamentals and technicals of the asset show that the token is having one of its best years. It ended Q1 and Q2 with positive values, and TRON will likely end Q3 with another round of positive gains. 

Tron Price Chart

On the upside, the volatility of TRON is down to 1.5%, making it one of the most stable in the market. Furthermore, while the crypto market has a Fear/Greed rating of 34, the optimism of TRON is as high as 40, and the market sentiment is quite bullish.

Also, its price remains above the 200-day ema, which signals that the token is trending towards a bullish future. With pumping market cap, price and trading volume, there’s no doubt that TRX boasts high liquidity. 

However, as the token glides towards the $0.8 price, it might be time to keep an eye on the trend, as the rejection at the zone might force the token into a sideways trend or downward. It’s best to take a rather short-term view of crypto to see how the trend unfolds in the long run. 

3. THORChain (RUNE)

RUNE may qualify as one of the best-performing crypto in the last 30 days. Despite the overall decline in the crypto market, the token had amassed a 67% increase in value. 

Its price peaked at $1.85 from $0.94. The interesting part of its recent performance is that RUNE printed an uptrend when the entire crypto market became bearish. 

Thorchain Price Chart

In the meantime, RUNE maintains its uptrend with a price increase of about 2% in the last 24 hours. Consequently, the token has had about 20 green days in the last 20 days. 

Besides, it has reached a price above its 200-day moving average, indicating that the bullish trend might hold for the rest of the week. 

In addition to pumping prices, the trading volume of RUNE is also on the rise, with over 50% increase in the last 24 hours. Hence, the token might finally have more stable liquidity,  which might help curb its high volatility challenge.  

For short-term strategy, RUNE presents an opportunity for short-term hedging. However, other factors might force the asset’s price to decline. 

At first, the token is gradually approaching the $1.6 resistance zone; investors should watch the performance of the asset as it moves closer to this range. 

Similarly, there is a low probability that RUNE will exceed the $2.5 price range. The prize zone forms a solid resistance for RUNE, and the market condition is not favourable enough to provide the needed moment. Hence, it’s best to stick with the short-term strategy to get the most out of the RUNE trend. 

4. Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin is back on the crypto gainers’ list. In the last 24 hours, the token saw a pump of about 3% in price. While the trading volume of the asset remains steady, the pumping price may be traced to the recent TON grant program. It sparked an increase in the activities across the network, creating visibility and social influence for TON. 

TON has been on the growth path for most of Q3 and could complete the quarter with a much better performance than in Q2. TON’s price has increased by over 47% in the last 30 days alone.

Toncoin Price Chart

 Interestingly, it crossed the $1.7 resistance, meaning TON would likely enter consolidation in the coming days. Ultimately, at its current pace, it might close the Q3 with a price of $1.8 to $2.0.

Nonetheless, a deeper look at its chart reveals that the TON still needs to conquer the liquidity huddle, which may affect its volatility and overall stability. Likewise, its current price still trades below its 200-day moving average, indicating that the token may soon have to combat intense bearish sentiments. 

Overall, TON presents an opportunity for investors who would be okay with holding. The platform boasts excellent fundamentals, an active community and growing innovation. Hence, it has a fighting chance in the long run. 

5. yPredict (YPED)

The yPredict platform is following its recent SVM predictive model test with another platform test. However, this round of tests is a co-creation process that requires the participation of the YPRED investor community. 

The WriteMingle beta test program intends to provide presale buyers the early bird access with the potential of a lifetime subscription. The WriteMingle project is a groundbreaking content creation tool. 

The new move brings an added benefit to the yPredict platform, increasing its overall utility and value. With the growing demand for content across all sectors and industries, lifetime access to an AI-backed content creation tool is a welcomed innovation. 

The tool is only available to YPRED presale investors. The opportunity to participate is still open, and the price of the YPRED token is still at a discounted rate of $0.1. 

As the platform heads towards the beta test of the new content creation tool, it’s the best time to get involved and participate in the creation process. yPredict’s official Twitter hand and presale page provide additional information.

Visit yPredict Presale. 

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