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Best Crypto to Buy Now After FTX News and Crash – 4 Presale Tokens

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Best Crypto to Buy
Best Crypto to Buy

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The effects of the FTX collapse have caused a huge crypto market slump over the past 24 hours. With such a major role as a market maker in the cryptocurrency industry, there is certain to be some level of contagion in the future.

Furthermore, the amount of money FTX has lost in the bargain owing to its nefarious ways of doing business dealings is not yet known.

As per certain news reports, FTX was engaging in abnormal and potentially unsafe practices, pledging its FTT token as collateral in order to borrow money and subsequently make market-moving directional bets.

If this turns out to be the case, the people who deposited money into FTX will be deemed unsecured creditors and may not get their money back in whole.

Where Should Investors Park Their Money Instead?

In light of these developments, the market has taken a decidedly negative turn, with Bitcoin now trading at roughly $19,000. As a result, this might be a great moment to start buying the dip and bolstering your portfolio with solid, well-founded endeavors.

These 4 tokens which are currently in the presale stage have the potential to give you 10x returns and just might be your best bet during this bear market.

Dash 2 Trade

Even for the most seasoned traders, identifying the best cryptocurrency to invest in is a significant task. Cryptocurrency investors today rely on a wide range of information sources, from on-chain analytics to trading indications and even social media, when making investments. But think about how convenient it would be if all of these cryptographic tools were gathered in one place.

Dash 2 Trade Best Crypto to Buy

Dash 2 Trade’s ultimate goal is to offer the best crypto signals and social trading platform to investors. Backed with a plethora of indicators Dash 2 Trade enables investors better understand the factors that influence the value of different cryptocurrencies.

And with the use of blockchain analytics, they can find out which digital assets are now trending topics on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit.

When you decide to signup with Dash 2 Trade, you’ll get your own customized dashboard. Here, investors may keep tabs on upcoming presales and currency listings. Dash 2 Trade has also developed a new rating system to help investors discover high value crypto presales.

With the help of the “Dash score” investors can evaluate the reliability of an ICO and those interested in trading bots will also find this website to be a valuable resource. Trading strategies based on several speculative conditions may be pre-programmed into Dash 2 Trade, and variety of orders can be used to handle automated positions.

When it comes to providing access to trading signals, it is user friendly for both beginner and seasoned investors since it simplifies the process of trading cryptocurrencies without the need for background knowledge. Before implementing various trading strategies in the real market, Dash 2 Trade users can test these very strategies out in a simulated environment first.

Dash 2 Trade has collected over $6 million in only three weeks since its public online presale began. As of November 7, 2022, the second round of the presale has totally sold out. One D2T token is now worth approximately $0.0513 on the platform, which is in its third and final stage.

Token prices will increase in tandem with the duration of the D2T presale. Soon after the Dash 2 Trade presale ends in early 2023, the platform’s dashboard will be online.


Calvaria is a traditional card games platform where you may play for real money. Those who do particularly well at the game’s tasks will be awarded in real cryptocurrency. Another interesting part of Calvaria is that the game cards can be converted into an NFT which can then be traded in the cryptocurrency market.

Calvaria best Crypto to Buy

Calvaria is a one of a kind platform from other play-to-earn games in the cryptocurrency market due to its many helpful features, one being that you can play without spending a dime. This implies that everyone, not only people who have invested in cryptocurrencies, has a shot at winning.

Calvaria is launching a crypto-focused gaming app with the sole purpose of expanding its user base. Calvaria’s native token is RIA which is an ERC-20-based token used to cast ballots on platform-related matters.

Calvaria is in its presale stage and is selling 40 RIA for 1 USDT, making its own cryptocurrency available to investors. Keep in mind that investors will be limited to purchasing 33.33 RIA tokens for every 1 USDT in the next stage of presale.

As a result, the best deals on RIA tokens will go to the first customers. Calvaria intends to release a plethora of NFT card games in 2023. This is one of the most successful presales of 2022 especially after raising about $1.7 million in its presale round.


Businesses in the financial market are starting to take notice of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investments. Therefore, IMPT has become a realistic alternative for ethical investors looking for the most stable cryptocurrencies in the long run. The program’s sole mission is to work towards environmental issues at a macro scale by reducing crypto industry’s environmental impact and making it more sustainable.

IMPT Best Crypto to Buy

The main goal of IMPT is to creating a decentralized exchange for trading carbon credits where they will be tokenized and issued. Similar to how other NFT’s work, these carbon credits can be purchased, burnt, sold, or traded without the possibility of any nefarious activities because these carbon credit NFTs are recorded on a decentralized ledger.

To issue carbon credit NFTs, IMPT has made strategic partnerships with a wide range of green crypto projects. For the purpose of comforting investors to have faith in IMPT, the team has carefully scrutinized and selected projects. Those who buy carbon credits, however, will be able to direct their purchases to the projects of their choosing.

Investors may only buy carbon credits if they have IMPT tokens in their digital wallet. With the IMPT token in its presale stage, the token is available at a discounted price and investors will be able to gain IMPT tokens as a reward for shopping with participating online retailers.

An amazing feat achieved during the IMPT presale which was active since October 4, 2022, was that it raised $1,000,000 within the first three days. 

During the presale, a total of 600,000,000 IMPT tokens will be made accessible with a total goal for of raising $20 million. For now, IMPT has raised almost $12 million.

There are six stages of the IMPT presale, and the token’s value increases with each one. Currently, one IMPT can be purchased by investors for $0.023.

Snowfall Protocol

Due to the need for a unified platform for exchanging both fungible and nonfungible tokens between different blockchains, Snowfall was developed. Users of the Snowfall Protocol (SNW dApp) can exchange assets between the most widely-used blockchains. Snowfall’s network infrastructure means that each blockchain can potentially have millions of users.

Snowfall Protocol

Specifically, “The Snowfall Protocol” (SNW). Snowfall is poised to take the lead amongst subsequent initiatives, and its recent presale campaign is still generating buzz in the blockchain industry at large. In the first stage of the campaign, Snowfall made 95,000,000 coins in sales. Currently, the cost of $0.005 is close to $0.02. People were vocal in their criticism of the presale, which occurred during a bear run, despite its overwhelming success.


As the cryptocurrency market grows, there are a plethora of nefarious crypto projects. While this list consists of all genuine projects, the most promising project is Dash 2 Trade which has shown extraordinary potential for giving back 10x returns. If users invest in the Dash 2 Trade token, they will assuredly see returns and revenues that far beyond their greatest dreams. 

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