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Benji Bananas’ Daily Active Users Increase, But Calvaria Will See More Adoption

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Benji Bananas
Benji Bananas

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The number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been hooked to crypto games since the last bull run has increased dramatically. The concept of earning money through playing games has managed to go mainstream, helping several people participate in the blockchain industry further. But this may not just be a fad that would last a while, as Benji Bananas, the game, saw a drastic increase in users even during this crypto winter.

So what exactly is it that is causing such a surge in a crypto game even when the rest of the market seems to be in a state of stagnancy? Well, this is a rather subjective question that can only be judged if the game has been understood completely. Moreover, the increase in users has definitely helped the game shoot up in popularity. But it doesn’t seem to appeal to the wider audience who feel that Calvaria, the new project may easily see more adoption and growth.

What is Benji Bananas?

Benji Bananas has always been a popular game and was available on android and IOS for quite a while. It has over 50 million downloads on the play store itself and has been a fan favourite for a long time. But this free-to-play game was chosen by its developer Animoca Brands to be transitioned into a blockchain game this year.


Animoca Brands thought of converting Benji Bananas to a P2E game, to provide further exposure and growth to Apecoin, which is a very popular token today in the NFT and metaverse community. Animoca kickstarted their venture with Benji Bananas into the blockchain gaming domain by launching the game’s first NFT collection. This collection featured the Benji Bananas Membership Pass, which essentially was like a ticket to earning attractive profits and rewards from the game.

Essentially, the idea behind Benji Bananas is for players to play the game and earn PRIMATE tokens, which can then be swapped for the popular APE token. Naturally, the popularity of Benji Bananas and Apecoin collectively helped the project in achieving its goal while creating a massive community.

The action-adventure game features a monkey named Benji and his friends, who explore the jungle while collecting rewards, powerups or gems. It is a simple game which is liked by many. The blockchain factor being integrated into such a project impressed the audience, which has caused the project to reach this point in terms of growth.

Benji Bananas’ UAW Has Increased Quite A Bit

Benji Banana Dapp Radar

Data and coverage on the largest selection of dapps, NFT collections, DeFi projects and more are available at DappRadar, a peerless, multichain data provider. It can be considered as the play store for blockchain games, which also aggregates data about the market. DappRadar is one of the most used tools when it comes to checking a project’s growth or similar statistics.

One statistic that it shows is the UAW, also known as Unique Active Wallets. This is in a ranked format, and essentially shows an increase or decrease in the number of active players, or accounts engaging with the specific game. Benji Bananas has experienced a substantial increase in UAW recently, as per DappRadar. This could be surprising for investors since the market has been bleeding for quite a while now. Infact, the Benji Bananas UAW was in a constant downtrend since the 21st of November, before it spiked up considerably.

The number went from a mere 13.6K users to over 32.29K within just 3 days. This kind of growth can be routed back to a recent announcement by the game on Twitter. On 21st November, Benji Bananas mentioned a massive giveaway for the players with a prize pool of over $30k in PRIMATE tokens. This itself was enough for the community to be excited. The announcement got more people hooked on the game, and was followed by a considerable number of new and active users.

What Is Calvaria And Why Will It See More Adoption

From all that is mentioned above, it is clear that Benji Bananas has a widespread community, and can grow at a surprising pace. It is backed by one of the biggest game companies like Animoca Brands and boasts an existing userbase. But something that has to be noted is that the project only managed to show this quick spike up due to an announcement that would feature potential rewards for users.


Incentives have always been used to incite and urge more players to become a part of the game. The aforementioned game Calvaria is also hosting a major giveaway worth $100K. However, even without such an incentive, it is evident that the project has been garnering interest. Unlike Benji Bananas, Calvaria is an NFT card game which features high-quality artwork, and a strong theme.

Essentially, the game consists of a Calvaria Universe, which is divided into three parts. These parts go by the names Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia and The Void. All the NFT cards have a character that is based on one of these three themes. With the kind of products that Calvaria features, it is very likely that it will grow considerably and in a very sustainable manner, unlike Benji Bananas which seems to spike up due to short-term developments or events.


Calvaria’s RIA token is currently in its presale phase and has been in massive demand. The project has been featured in some high-rated websites like Cryptonews, Yahoo Finance and Business 2 Community already, for its ongoing presale which has raised an impressive sum in a few days. At the time of writing, Calvaria has already raised more than $1.9 million worth of RIA tokens and is set to finish the fourth stage of its presale very soon.


While Benji Bananas is surely a great game, the growth of Calvaria is much more likely to last longer, and remain stronger. This is due to its in-the-now concept and high-quality artwork. Naturally, there is scope for both projects to do well. But currently, Calvaria manages to be a better pick for anyone looking to park their funds in crypto games.

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